Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

The past two nights after William was put down for the night I have been in my sewing room wrapping gifts. Over the last year or so Mum and I invested in a 3 small banquet size drop down tables that are great for when our sewing group comes to meet us on Wednesday nights. When they are not here we use those tables for many other uses.

So tonight, with Mum in her apartment with the door closed (as her door opens out into the main sewing room) and me in the sewing room, we worked away on wrapping each other's gifts as well as a few other friends and family gifts.

Here is a Christmas table runner I made just before going to hospital in early October. This will be for a friend of the family.

About a month before William was born, I had a major case of insomnia. I would spend many hours into the morning watching really crappy tv shows and knitting socks! It was something that didn't require much getting up and down (which is not easy with a big belly) and I could just sit and knit. Well since that time, I have made 9 pairs of socks!!! Here are 7 of the socks. The 8th pair is still on the needle. Well I only have about a couple inches to go to complete it.

Over the last couple of weeks while on the mend, I have been sitting to my embroidery machine and stitching out some different Christmas designs. It was something that again didn't require much moving and twisting and turning. I decided to make up two sets of Christmas Bathroom Towel Sets for a couple gifts. Here are the results.

I just love playing with my embroidery machine and found (through an online quilting friend) this amazing site to purchase designs. The site is The Embroidery Library. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I could spend alot of money on this site! There are always great deals and when you sign up (free membership) you will get weekly emails informing you of various sales and free designs!

I'm hoping either by tomorrow night or Saturday night to take a few more photos of some other gifts I have made before wrapping them up. When I do, I will post a few more.

Until then, it is after midnight here and I am zonked and can't seem to stop yawning. Baby woke up a moment ago for his overnight feeding. He will be good til he wakes up in the morning now, so I'm off to bed!

Quiltingly Yours

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