Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Book 2011

I sat down the other day and got a start on the list of quilting/knitting/scrapping/recipe projects I want to do for 2011 year.

I still have a few things to add to my list but so far here is what I got planned to complete. Some projects are ongoing as they are more larger and handsewn projects. But they are still added to my list!

- Layer and machine quilt crumb quilt
- Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM quilt (two blocks made... it will be for William's big boy bed)
- 2 Baby Quilts
- 12 Sew motif squares (ongoing)
- Hand sewn hexagon quilt (ongoing)
- Make kitchen curtains and re-upholster kitchen comfy chair
- Make Bathroom valance and a new shower curtain
- Learn to knit gloves
- Sewing machine cover
- Embroidery machine cover
- Kitchen aprons (maybe some seasonal ones too)
- Farmer's market tote bag
- Pumpkin table runner
- Make myself a Christmas stocking (still using a very old one... need to refresh it)!
- Scrappy Tote bag
- Tackle a few projects in the UFO cabinet
- Make up some scrappy quilt tops (don't have to be quilted right away)
- Complete Christmas cross stitch (only have backstitching left... only been 5 years making it)!
- Knit myself a cable pattern scarf
- Knit myself a cable pattern hot water bottle cover
- Coffee themed embroidered coasters
- Seasonal placemats
- Re-organize recipe collection into specified binders (scrapbook style)
- Knit myself a sweater (ongoing.. well only started it a couple weeks ago)

The other thing I want to do again this year is start up the Pay It Forward Exchange.

It is based on the movie "Pay It Forward". Basically it is based on doing acts or deeds of kindness without expecting anything in return in the hope that the recipients you send something to will pass it on!

So here is how it will work. The first 3 people who post a comment to this entry stating they wish to join the Pay it Forward exchange, I will make them something handmade and will have it sent to them before the end of 2011. Remember I do have a small baby here now! But I promise it will be done! I email these first 3 people requesting their email addresses so that I can receive their mailing address.

In return, you will post the Pay it Forward Exchange on your blog promising the same thing to 3 people. Remember though, you will need to have a blog in order to do this!

So who wants to join??? Let's start 2011 with some nice random acts of kindness!!!

Quiltingly Yours!


Mandy said...

I think this is fun :)

I would love to do the exchange!

Anita said...

Can I play?