Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finish Friday

The second Hot Chocolate BOM snowman is complete!!!

I just love how he turned out! Trevor looked at them this afternoon and asked "so what are the snowmen holding?"

I said: "mugs of hot chocolate"

He Said: "Isn't that like suicide for snowmen"?

I said: "Good point. They drink hot liquid and melt. Poor buggers!" LOL

Last night I started putting in mind what I wanted to make for my "Scrap Saturday" project. I am thinking of making myself a cute little mug mat. I will pull the fabrics in the morning and probably by the evening I will have it complete. I will show you the status later on.

Right now it is after midnight here on Friday night. Baby woke up about 20 minutes ago for his midnight snack bottle and is off to bed again. That means I too am heading off to la la land. I am very pleased with what I accomplished tonight in my sewing room. All that is left is to make the little spacer hst row and those squares are already cut and ready to sew together. I am hoping to take out the new snowman sometime next week.

Quiltingly Yours


QuiltNut Creations said...

so cute!!!

Anita said...

That is just way too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute blocks. Love your husband's sense of humor.

I'd love to pick you, because you love the threads, but it isn't a comment that does it, it's posting the link on your blog and putting your blog in the Mr. Linky thing.

Allyson said...

Very cute snowman!