Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scrap Saturday #2 Results and Other Stuff

Alas! I completed another Scrap Saturday!!! This weekend I decided to make some mug mats. William helped me choose some fabrics!

To keep with the "Blue" Theme for the 2011 Scrap Challenge, here is Mat #1.

I am not a fan of crazy funky prints like this but I have a very good friend who does! She is probably in hospital right now either having her baby if she hasn't already delivered. I decided since she is going to be going through a few crazy months with 2-3 hourly feedings, there are times when she is just going to want a little break and rest between feedings.

I plan to give her this mat along with a funky mug (which I still need to pick up) and some nice teas as a little "Welcome to Mommyhood" gift!

And well, after making that one, I wanted one for myself! LOL I decided to dig down into my scraps again and hauled out some fabrics to make Mat #2!!!

I love this coffee fabric so much!! I only had a fat quarter of it. I am now going to hunt around to find some more of this fabric to make a couple more! I have a few other coffee themed embroidery designs so I can make each mug mat different!

Tonight I also got a start on the 3rd Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM. I got all the pattern pieces traced out on steam a seam and got a little start on fusing them to some of the fabrics. Here is a photo of the yummy fabrics and the snowman I'll be making this week!

(hmmm not sure why this photo is like this as it was shot face on... hope you don't get a crook in your neck looking at this one!!)

I am finishing up early in my sewing room tonight as I want to get into my pjs and settle down to watch Masterpiece Theatre. I will take out my knitting for the next hour or so while watching the show.

Tomorrow I'll put on my thinking cap to come up with an idea for next week's "Scrap Saturday"!!

Quiltingly Yours


Anita said...

I must admit a slight obsession for anything coffee and tea related and these are just so stinking cute!
Do you have a machine that embroidered the center panel or are those pre-embroidered?

Jane said...

Love the mug rugs, and the snowman looks fantastic

Carrie P. said...

The mug rug and other things will make a great gift for the new mom.
I do like the coffee cup rug a lot.