Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basting Day

I am soooooooo happy and thankful for my Mum who offered to take care of William all day today so that I could take out my crumb quilt and prep it for machine quilting. I had to reconfigure the living room furniture a bit

so that I can lay this queen size quilt properly on the floor. So the love seat is now in the dining room, the dining room table is as far to the wall as I can push it. I have the wine rack up against one kitchen doorway

and the play pen squeezed between the hallway and the cabinet. Need to keep William inside the quilt area and doggy outside of play area!!

So here is the quilt I'm getting ready to machine quilt.

And of course my trusty little helper who is making sure I have it layered properly!!!

I like to safety pin my quilt layers together first and then I hand baste in place. Then I remove the pins as they will only get in my way.

Well the lunch break is over.. back to the living room for me to finish the basting.

Quiltingly Yours


Yvette said...

I don't know how you do that. My back, legs, hips, neck and all other body parts would be screaming at me tomorrow. LOL!

Anita said...

Ooo I am jealous of your living room floor, mine is covered in nasty carpet and much to small for laying out a big quilt.