Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get Scrappin'!!

Today is a very blah day here both outside and in. The weather is crappy here with half rain and half snow combination. It's cold and just plain ole crappy outside.

Inside, the house is dark from such an overcast day and well now that the Christmas tree is down and all the feeling of Christmas is gone the house just seems dull.

(living room back to a playroom)!!! The room is much bigger now with the tree gone!

(Even Alexi is just lazing around and napping all day)

Not to I myself and having an icky day health wise. Mum has taken over watching Will for the day as Trevor is working, so I'm just resting and taking it easy today until this icky sicky feeling of mine passes.

So I thought since I can't really do much, I would do a bit of blog lurking and see what new blogs I can find! One of the blogs I love to follow and read is from Kathy. I was reading her blog from today and she shared with her friends a new challenge from So Scrappy.

Angela is challenging us quilters to use up our scrap fabrics in various ways! I have soooooooooo many scrap fabrics they are starting to take over my room! I have decided to make Saturdays (as many as I can with a baby in the house) my "Scrap Saturday"! This will give me the incentive to dig through my scraps and come up with some projects. At the moment I have a number of full size quilts lined up to make and complete, so for now the scrap fabric challenge will be for smaller projects.

So tonight after bambino has gone to bed, I will haul out my scraps and start in. With this challenge, Angela will be choosing a colour theme for each month. January colour will be blue.

Well I'm off to read a few more blogs and get some inspiration for the January Blues.

Quiltingly Yours


limpingalong said...

Good to hear from you -- it is bright and sunny here but another cold front is coming.

scraphappy said...

I am so glad you joined into the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Good luck digging in and using up some of those scraps.

Quilter Kathy said...

Bless your heart! I am delighted that you read my blog and found inspiration in Angela's challenge! I hope you have some time to play with your scraps and get a chance to charge up your mothering's a draining job!