Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day Means Snow Day!!!

I noticed our snow storm was already beginning at 6am this morning when William woke up looking for a bottle. The snow was coming down so soft and pretty and sticking to the trees. If it was any lighter outside I would have taken some photos as it was just beautiful. So far we have about 30cm of snow (roughly a foot of snow), but we are expecting another 20cm before tomorrow afternoon. Winter has finally arrived here on the island!

As the day went on the snow got a little bit heavier and the winds picked up a little. But before the winds got too bad (and its still not that windy out right now, just a little blustery) we took William out in the snow to experience his first snowfall. He was bundled up like a snowman and he was speechless at first as he didn't know what to make of all this snow stuff falling from the sky and making his face wet and cold.

(Alexi preferred at this point to be snuggled back on her big pillow in the warm kitchen under the desk than out in the weather)!!

The snow was too heavy to try out his new sled Santa gave him for Christmas. I was hauling with all my might to move him. I finally had to give up!

(I did get to try out my new winter hat I got for Christmas. Nice and warm!)

When we put him down into the snow he just wasn't happy!!!! In fact he was downright UNhappy!!! Can't say I blame him! The snow is VERY heavy.

It is the perfect snow for making snowmen! Perhaps tomorrow Daddy will make him a snowman out on the front lawn.

Since it wasn't the greatest of days to be out and about, it was however the perfect day in my warm and cozy sewing room to play! I set up the playpen for William and his toys and then Mommy and Nana played with their toys!!!

I am making a Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM quilt for William. The finished size is 59" x 59". I bought the blocks almost 2 years ago, but only made one block. This year I will make it and finish it!

This is the second block. Well here are the pieces to make the second block.

And now here is what it will look like once all the pieces are machine appliqued down in place!

I got a good start on the satin stitching before supper and depending on how quick I can replace all the velcro pieces on William's 15 bibs, I might work on it a bit more after that! Yep... the velcro have worn away all its holding ability and now I have to take off all the old stuff and replace it with new stuff. The bibs just don't stay on around his neck anymore. In fact he can haul those things off himself. He is drooling so much now, and with Tooth #3 making its appearance he is a HUGE drooly bag right now!!!!

So on that note, William was just put to bed for the night. Daddy is on monitor duty tonight, which means Momma gets to go back to play in her sewing room without any disruptions... ahhhhhh.. hmmm perhaps later on I'll even pour myself a nice glass of Shiraz wine!!!

Quiltingly Yours


Julie Clement said...

That is just so cute! Reminds me of a similar one I did for a Christmas quilt. Love your bag too - where do you find time for everything!

Carrie P. said...

such fun photos and your son is so cute. When my daughter was little like your son she did not like the snow either.