Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas if Over .. sigh

Christmas is over for yet another year. Sigh.......

Once I get breakfast out of the way, I am going to start tackling putting the gifts away that are under the tree and start taking down the decorations. I always find the first day or so after the tree is down very low as it has been sooo pretty with all the lights and ornaments the last few weeks. But in another way, it is a time to get "life" back to its "normal" routine again. My sewing room is in chaos with all the empty decoration boxes and tree box and gift wrapping and the sort. It is time to get it all put away so I can put my sewing room back in order!! I have LOTS of plans this year!

(I was working on reorganizing some recipes since I couldn't do much sewing.. this too needs to be cleaned up)!!!

The other day I got started on the next panel of a sweater I am making. It is a nice long cardigan with a long tie. It is a pattern my aunt did back in the 70s!!!

It is a really nice and easy pattern to get me back into knitting and AWAY from making socks!! After making something like 9 pairs of socks last year, I'm SOCKED out!!! LOL

So I got a good start on the front left panel only to realize about 2 patterns into the side that I did a HUGE boo boo!! I tried my darndest to fix it only to make more problems.. so what did I do??? I unraveled the WHOLE thing!! sigh.......... at least it wasn't tooo far into the side. I lost about 2 nights of knitting!

(since this photo was taken I had knitted a good 5 inches more before noticing the problem)

Well it is now 8:30am.. baby is fed, bottles are washed and refilled for another day. Time to make myself some breakfast and then to start tackling the tree!!! Maybe tonight, I'll see my sewing room start to improve and MAYBE.. just maybe spend an hour or two down there working on something.

Quiltingly Yours


Patchmaker said...

Glad you're feeling better and back in the land of bloggers! Don't envy you the clean-up job, but once you get back to sewing, it'll be worth the effort!


Dottie's Daughter said...

Nice to have you back Andrea