Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrap Saturday

I couldn't wait to get into my scrap stash last night to pull out some blue fabrics for this month's Scrap Challenge! I found some nice blues at the bottom of this container and got to work making a bunch of 2 1/2 inch squares.

I also found a nice white fabric and got to work making some snowflakes on my embroidery machine.

I have decided to make a nice winter theme shopping bag for this month. I managed to get all the blocks made and put together, as well as cut the lining and batting. I now have all the pieces ready to sew the tote bag together!

If time permits tomorrow evening I think I only need another hour and I should have the bag complete!!! woo hooo!!! I'm stoked!!! I am already thinking of what I will make for next Saturday's "Scrap Saturday"!!!

Oh, btw, I still have two more spaces available if anyone is interested in the "Pay It Forward" I am doing this year! I have been putting on my thinking cap the last few days and I have some ideas in mind for some pressies to make and giveaway to some special quilting bloggers out there!

Well its off to bed I go. It's already 11pm and I am starting to fall asleep. I got into bed last night at a good hour and figured I would get in a nice sleep. Unfortunately I spent the night staring at the ceiling! I might have got an hour of sleep in altogether. And William actually slept through the night. What a good sleep I could have had... sigh.... ahhh well Trevor is on monitor duty the next two nights. We take turns with the night watch.

I'm crossing my fingers I get a better sleep tonight!

Quiltingly Yours


scraphappy said...

What a great scrap project. Those embroidered snowflakes are fabulous.

Yvette said...

Great scrap project!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked where you could get the "Berry Picking Party" pattern but you are set to no emails so I couldn't answer you directly. I got it from here.....

I hope that helps!

Ellen said...

Love the bag idea with the embroidered snowflakes. Perfect for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

That is going to be a great tote bag! I love what you did and how that looks with the embroidered part added to the 9 patch. Provides a whole new dimension with texture.

Amy said...

Oh boy! Am I glad you stopped by my blog so that I can now return the favor. It's ALWAYS fun and exciting meeting someone new and I can't wait to actually find some time to really dive into your blog (but it's getting late right now).

Those snowflakes are AMAZING and your project will also be amazing!

I tried to skim back (obviously too quickly) to learn what the monitor is And I'm SO sorry for your lack of sleep. Sadly, I know that feeling all too well :0( I hope you find sleep too!!!!!

Anita said...

I love those snowflakes, I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following!