Monday, May 23, 2011

End of Maternity Leave

Sigh.... its been a little over a year between sick leave and maternity leave. Today is my last full day home before I head back to my full time job. Its been quite an eventful year between being a Mom to an AMAZING and funny little boy and my health up and down like a yo yo!!! How fast did the time go at all!!! I remember when I finished my last day of work on March 26th of last year. I thought to myself, "self... you got yourself a nice long year ahead of you"!!! HA!!! yeah RIGHT!!!! with the blink of an eye it was gone!!! Back to reality tomorrow!!! I will miss being with my little boy terribly, but I must join the ranks with many of the other working Moms out there and get working again. I am looking forward to the adult interaction again!!! Although I forewarned them that I will probably be driving them all nuts with my silly children's songs I have been singing the last year!!! LOL

So I finished the pink project on Saturday night!!! Here it is!!!

Tidy Bags with matching large pin cushions!!

I loved it so much I actually made a second set to keep for myself! I hope to have the little pressie packaged up and ready to send to my friend before the week is out. Apparently I hear Canada Post is in the negotiation process of a possible strike!!! Ugggh!!!! I sure hope not!! I have a few packages that I may be sending out very soon!!! This couldn't come at a worse time!

On my last day off with my boy, he decided this morning to keep me up most of the night with his teething (poor little fella) and then decided he wanted to start his day at 5:30 this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!! He normally would wake up at 7..... I am going to be a victim by days end!!!! Hopefully I can get a little cat nap in at some point today.

Well on that note, it is 7:30am, and Trevor will be home in a half hour from working his overnight shift. Time to make a nice breakfast for us all.

Quiltingly Yours


Julie Clement said...

Lucky lucky friend! They are just lovely, you clever thing you! Enjoy your first day back in the real world!

QuiltNut Creations said...

hope your first day back to work was a good one

april said...

What a great project and they are adorable!