Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm officially a homeowner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Um yeah, so as you can see I'm just a teeeny tiny bit happy that I have my very own house!!!! Everything closed yesterday on time without a hitch!!! I feel lucky considering I have heard horror stories of friends who bought houses and the closing day was a nightmare! I did wake up this morning with a nasty migraine and had to just lay low at home today and get over this thing. I'm not as bad as I was earlier today, but the headache is still there. From all the excitement and tension the last few days before the closing of the sale, I guess my body and noggin' finally said I need a break!

In the meantime, here are some photos I did take when I was in the house yesterday. I thought I would share with you all some photos of my BEFORE shots of my house. There is no furniture in the home and I don't plan to move in until all the painting is complete. I have paint chips to share with you all too further down this post. I know some of you were curious to know what colours I'm putting in the home. SO without further ado, I will now take you on the first of many guided cyber tours of my new home!

Home Sweet Home!!! (ooh btw, I am removing the basketball net from the front of the house, it is over the grass and an eye sore. That will be hauled up when the warmer weather is here)

The front entrance

Be sure to take off your shoes before coming into the house. You can put them in the shoe shelf provided!!

Up the stairs and to the left we come into the living room. The propane fireplace will be taken out as I have no interest in having it. Not to mention the mantel is HUGE and over powering.

The Dining Room right off from the living room

Looking from the dining room into the living room and the big front window

Off the dining room is my beeeeeeeautiful kitchen! I plan to have one kick A-s kitchen when I'm done! I have big plans for this room. I can't WAIT to see my kitchen transformed! The kitchen cabinets and counter tops are all brand new and in AMAZING condition! There is even a little pull out spice cabinet right next to the stove! I plan to have an Epicure party in May/June.! Wait til you see what I do to this room when my renos are done!

Looking from the back porch to the other side of my kitchen. What I didn't do was take a photo of the area in the kitchen where I can put in a little table, and my shelf that will have all my recipes books!

Going through the doorway by the fridge, the first door on the left is the bathroom. This room will also get an overhaul... The purple walls are DEFINETLY going! New vanity, new tile floor and back splash coming soon!

See the little pot light in my shower??? Now I will feel I'm in the big time when I sing in the shower. I'll be in lights :) LOL

Trevor's Future "Man Cave". Although tonight, he says he plans to call it "The Bunker" LOL

Spare Room

Master Bedroom. Hard to take a half decent photo in here til the doors are back in place in the double closets. I am DEFINETELY changing the closet organizers!

and we need to remove the sheers off the floor. We just threw them in there to get them out of the way of the painter.

This is the doorway that is to the right of the door by the fridge to go downstairs to the rec room

And now the most IMPORTANT room of all.. THE SEWING STUDIO!!!!!!!
There are two rooms in the downstairs rec room area. The wall between both was a temp wall. Trevor went into the house tonight and tore down this wall and ooooooooooooh what a difference the size of the room!! Oooh I have big plans for this space! See the following photos of other angles of the two rooms

This is looking from room one into room two. I am standing next to the staircase at this point

Inside Room #2, where there are huge bright track lights.. PERFECT space for my Horn Sewing Cabinet!

Looking the other way in Room #2 at the door and temp wall that is now down to the 2 x4 wooden posts. Now that this wall is down the room looks HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to start playing in this room!

So here are my paint chips!!!! I'll be picking up the paint over the next few days. I have the primer paint and plaster ready for the painter, so he will have something to do before the fun paint goes on!

The photo was turned right.. oops me sorry. ... Anyway, the Golden Needles colour will be the main colour in the living room and hallways and down into the entrance way. The rustic colour will be my accent wall. The long wall that makes up the living room and dining room. If you look up further, it is the wall with the fireplace.

Chocolate for the kitchen!!! Appropriate colour name me thinks!!!

This will be the colour for the walls in the bathroom. I will replace the bathroom vanity with a nice brown updated model with a nice granite top.

My bed room walls will be the light colour at the top right side of the photo. I will use blue and brown accents for the room. I am making my offwhite trapunto quilt for my Queen size bed, and I think I will sew a nice brown bed skirt. I will put a pretty blue and brown topper over the window and then LOTS of pillows in blue and brown and cream!

The Safari green colour for the spare bedroom.

Trevor still needs to choose the colour for the Man Cave.. err sorry "The Bunker" an I still need to pick a colour for the landing going down into the studio which will probably be the same colour of my studio!

So what do you think????

I can't wait to see it all come together and then have my furniture and stuff moved in!

I have so many exciting things to look forward to with my new home and seeing it change into something beautiful!

Tomorrow morning I am suppose to teach my class, but well that is weather permitting.. Seems we can't let March go by without one final snow storm! Seems we could have one very messy day tomorrow with accumulations of possibly 40cm of snow, high winds, and eventually changing back to rain. I am keeping fingers crossed it will only be rain. If however, it stays as snow, I may have to cancel my class. Since we will possibly be snowbound, I will set up my sewing machine on the dining room table and work on my trapunto quilt again.

Well it is heading for midnight and I should head off to bed just in case I do have to get up early for class in the morning.

Quiltingly Yours


Anonymous said...

Your new home is going to be fabulous Andrea! :) Can't wait to see it all done and you moved in and working in your new studio!

Patchmaker said...

Fantastic! What a beautiful house! Can't wait to see the kitchen painted! Congratulations!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congrats Andrea! I thoroughly enjoyed the cyber tour of the house. Loved looking at the paint chips too.

One question: what's on the floor in the basement?

Anonymous said...

love the tour of your new home, congratulations. you will have many happy hours putting it all together, great colors,beautiful home.