Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alive and Kicking!!! (In More Ways Than One)!! :)

Wow... I've been away from here for a bit, but these days things have just been in a whirl wind. I feel I am Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz being swept around this way and that!!!

Let's see... where to begin.. To start all the 8 tree skirts are FINISHED!!!!!!!! wooooo hooooooo!!! I kept one for myself this year and had 7 to sell. I have 6 sold so far!!! Yippeee!!! They took up alot of time and I had to put some of my Christmas gift making on hold, but it was well worth it!!! Here are some of the skirts!

I also finished the "Snow Days" quilt and I donated to my place of work to put up on tickets. All proceeds will go towards getting Christmas boxes (hampers) together filled with food, turkeys, hams, veggies and other things to some of our much needed tenants. (I work with the provincial government and help to provide housing and housing services to low income families). I love my job and find it very rewarding. So far I hear tickets sales within our organization are going very well. I think the ticket drawing date is December 17th. I'm very curious to find out who will win the quilt in the end!! If this quilt goes over well with ticket sales this year, I think I might make it an annual thing. Hey its a great excuse to try out one of the many million patterns I want to make!!! LOL

I also spent all last weekend handcuffed to my sewing machine making dining room curtains!! Yippeeee FINALLY both the living room AND dining room curtains are finished and the room is really starting to look complete. Hopefully when the Christmas tree goes up this weekend and our bookcases are complete, I will take a final finished photo of the room. I just love my living room and dining room now. In January I'll start the curtains for Trevor's "Man Cave". We picked out the fabric for it ages ago, but I was just up to my eyeballs in so many other things.

Tonight I even got to finish all my Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee Things are FINALLY starting to come together for me. I have been sooooo late getting shopping and gifts done this year. I still have a pile of gifts to make, but I think I am getting a little better grasp on the whole thing. I managed to cut out 3 sets of placemats last night, and will give myself a time schedule for most nights after work to live out in my sewing room til all my gifts are made. I might be gift wrapping until midnight Christmas Eve, but hey... I WILL reach my goals!!

On a non-sewing/quilting note, some of you might have figured out by some little hints and winks in the last few posts that I am preggo!!! I am 20 weeks today and feeling great! Lil munchkin is starting to kick (well feels more like tickles right now) and I'm LOVIN' IT!!! Tomorrow we have our ultrasound appointment and will get to see the lil munchkin! I can't WAIT!!! We will also know if we have a little boy or a little girl!! Well providing that is lil kiddo is a bit of a flasher or exhibitionist for us for that day. I'm getting sooooo excited!! Less than 12 hours to go.. one more sleep!!!!

Well I'm pooped after a night of Christmas shopping and oogling over all the things I wanted and also bought at Costco. What a wonderful store Costco is. Its just a shame you leave there will less in your wallet than you planned. Ah, but we got enough food and treats to last us into the winter months!!! My freezer is always full. Come January after Christmas is over and we are back to some normal routine, I will spend a couple more days in my kitchen making up more meals to freeze. I'm not sure I'll get much Christmas baking in this year, but that's okay. Mum lives in my basement apartment so I'm sure she will have plenty of yummies to get us through the season!!!!!!

Quiltingly Yours


Mandy said...

Congrats!!!! I love the tree skirts and the quilt <3

Unknown said...

Congratulations! When you said "baby brain" the other day I started wondering...

Bert in Rice, WA

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the pics of you and baby. I'll be wondering how your US goes today!
Love the tree skirts too :^)

Patchmaker said...


And the skirts and quilt are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Love the glam shot of you on the stool!
Yes it's a busy time of the year for all women as we get the home fires going to bring the family together.
I love your tree skirt...I may do a Christmassy thing next year.
Merry Christmas from Ontario.