Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Quiet Yet Busy Weekend

I have to say I packed in a nice bit this weekend both in my kitchen and in my sewing room. With Christmas only a few weeks away I had to sit down and seriously take a look at everything I need to complete sewing and baking/cooking wise and how I was going to get it all in. I've come to realize after looking at my list I now have to live as a hermit for the next 5 weeks only going outside for work and the occasional trip to the grocery store LOL!!! I can see that once again this year I will probably be stitching up the last of the gifts midnight on Christmas Eve!!! Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!

But saying that I am pleased with what I accomplished this weekend. Friday night and Saturday I managed to bake 3 different loaves of bread with one of them being a brand new recipe. It was called Chunky Apple Bread... All I can say about that one is ........ YUMMMMMMMM!!!! It is sooooo tasty toasted with Apple butter!!!

Here I am making Savoury Pull Apart Bread for supper Saturday Night. I made homemade spaghetti. Instead of having garlic bread, I made this yummy one instead!

When this bread rises to twice it's size, it's put in the oven. It's best eaten when it is just come out of the oven with some butter!

Alexi is never too far away from me when I'm playing in the kitchen.. As you know from past posts, she has a liking for bread!

While I was teaching my Sampler quilt class Saturday morning, as they were working on assembling their borders, when I wasn't needed I sat down to start hand binding tree skirt #3!!!

Tonight I tried out a new recipe for supper. It is called Mushroom Cheese Pies. Again all I can say to that is YUMMMM!!!! I had never worked with Puff Pastry before and I figured tonight was the night I was going to do it!!! I made 4 out of the recipe and they were a nice size for supper. We had one each and I have two more left to reheat later the week. I'll have to try and remember to post the recipe here soon.

Throughout this afternoon I managed to get the "Snow Days" Quilt layered and quilted, and this evening after supper I machine sewed the binding to it. I just have to slip stitch the other side by hand this week. My goal is to complete it along with stitching up a nice label for it on my embroidery machine before the end of the week.

It is now 11:30pm on Sunday night and after writing out what I just did the last few days I'm POOPED!!! I think I'm going to head off to la la land for my beauty rest as it's back to the work day grind again tomorrow!!!

OOh... I thought I would throw this photo of Alexi in for good measure. Trevor took this photo a few days ago during one of his days off work. This is a common thing for Alexi to do and it cracks me up every time I see it!!

What a nut job for a dog!!! She certainly keeps up entertained with her comic relief every single day!!! I just LOVE this photo. I plan to print it this week and frame it for my sewing room! This photo is her silly personality to a tee!!!

Whewww!!! Now it's bedtime! Good night, sleep tight!!!!!!!

Quiltingly Yours

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Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like Alexi found herself a great family. She's quite the comic. I'm still amazed how you do it all. Bake, sew, teach, work,...