Monday, November 2, 2009

Alive and Kicking

If you have read my last post, it seemed like I was on my last leg I was so sick with the cold. Luckily that is all it was (as per my doctor's prognosis). As he said, and I quote "Your symptoms are the exact opposite of the H1Ni strain. You just have a very bad cold.". Whew!!!!!!! Well I am FINALLY back on my feet again, although I can't seem to get rid of this pesky cough. I have coughed so much and so hard the last week that I practically lost my voice. Trevor was happy LOL!!!!

I missed my sewing room sew much!!!! I FINALLY managed to get in a little sewing time last night for a couple hours. I picked up where I left off on the crazy patch blocks I was doing. I am hoping tonight to complete the embroidery work on the blocks so I can start adding the sashing to make them into a nice lap quilt.

I have nothing to show quilty wise right now since I'm only getting back to my sewing, but soon I should have something to share with you all again.

I also received my swap partner for the Fall Quilt Swap. I will go through some of my favourite Fall themed projects over the next few days and pick out a pattern I want to make. Although I have until mid January to send out the pressie to my swap partner, I really want her to have it while it is still Autumn!!! I just love playing with my fall colours and so am anxious to start!

I also need to get cracking on my Christmas gifts to make again. I feel I have fallen off the wagon and having a hard time getting back into the swing of making my gifts again. I really need to give myself a good serious talking to as well as a good swift kick in the butt!!!

So on that note, no more gabbing, and its time for me to get my butt down to my sewing room and get productive!!

Quiltingly Yours


Gale said...

you might be alive, but I'm not sure about the "kicking" part of it. you still didn't have much of a voice at work today.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Take good care of yourself Andrea, I know it's hard to lay low for so long
and your sewing machine is patiently for you to get better too!