Thursday, November 12, 2009

When it Snows, What Do We Do?

Why we sew of course!!!! And take the pooch out for a little frolicking in the snow in the back yard!

Years ago, back in my teen years I was involved with the Canadian Air Cadets. My Veteran's Day would always mean a parade we would have to march in and to remember those who risked their lives to give us the freedom and the life that we are so lucky to have today. Although I am no longer part of the military, I do still spend a little time on November 11th to remember those who have lost their lives and those who came home from the wars. I read the papers, the Internet articles and say a little prayer in thanks. To all the veterans past and present ........ THANK YOU!!!!!

With the day off in the middle of the week, I made sure I put it to good use. After a nice morning sleep in, I got up made myself some blueberry pancakes and decided I needed to have another day in the kitchen. So I started with making a French Apple cheesecake for the Thursday night sewing gals crew (which we will dive into later this evening). I also made two batches of butter pecan tarts, and two loaves of bread.

I think I got out of the kitchen around 3:30. At which time, what do you think I did?

Yep, went downstairs to the sewing room where I sewed my little heart out til 10:30 that night. Well between 9:30 and 10:30 I sewed during the commercials while watching "The Tudors", a story of the life of King Henry the VIII. I think we are up to wife #4 in the series now, Anne of Cleves. Seems he wasn't too enthralled by the woman! LOL

I managed to complete the top of the "Snow Days" crazy patch quilt. I'm hoping by the weekend to get it layered and quilted.

I also officially started sewing the bindings on the tree skirts. Tonight I will continue to complete the machine sewing of the bindings on the rest of the skirts I have quilted.

I still have 2 more to layer and quilt, which I hope to do this weekend!

So on that note, the ladies will soon be here and I have bindings to sew!

Quiltingly Yours


~Laurie~ said...

I love the Snow Days quilt! Did you come up with the pattern? It's terrific!!

Mandy said...

I love the tree skirt! Is it your pattern or can I find it somewhere?