Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just A Short Check In

I haven't alot to report since the last posting, but wanted to drop a little line or two all the same.
Not alot to talk about as I haven't done anything different sewing wise since Thursday. I did manage to purchase my batting and backing for the "Snow Days" quilt last night. I will pre-wash the backing tonight and perhaps by the weekend I'll get it layered and ready for quilting.

Tonight I think I'll get back to machine binding another tree skirt or two. I think I will make my goal two tonight. I still have to slip stitch the other side by hand. I'm figuring with Trevor working all this weekend I'll probably have myself a movie fest and slip stitch myself to insanity LOL.

When I got home this afternoon from work, I was in the mood to make up my batch of apple spiced nut medley. I found the recipe in one of my slow cooker recipe books and it sounded yummy. I made it for the first time a few weeks ago during our Halloween party we hosted here. The nuts didn't last long. After that night, Trevor has asked if I would make them again. I have a nice batch of them in the slow cooker now. They will be ready in a few hours when he gets home from work.

As for the halloween party, I thought no time like the present (even if halloween was weeks ago) to post some pics of the evening.

We had a little convict on our hands during Halloween. I guess that made me an accomplice to the crime by housing a prisoner in my home LOL

And here is Trevor... Disco Stu!!!! I'm not up on my Simpsons characters, but supposedly there is a Disco Stu!! :)

Disco Stu with my work friend Gale, the very tall Go Go Girl. She towered over everyone that night in those boots! Not sure how she managed to walk in them LOL

Me (the throw something together Hippie girl) with my very good friend and long ago Little Sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters group, Lisa. We have both packed on a few pounds in this photo... and to think we are to pack on a lot more in the next few more months :) wink wink :) (Whatever way the photographer took the photo, I just want to say my hips are not that big LOL) ohh and as for the girlie drinks in our hands.... virgin pina coladas... well for another few months anyway :) wink wink :)

Disco Stu with his good buddies, Buddy (not sure that's the name, but it's the cowboy character) from Toy Story (Jody), and the ever scary Dracula (Keith)

I forgot to take a photo of the cake before it was cut!! Ooh well, better late than never....

To the right is a white dish filled with the Apple Spiced Nuts I spoke about above.

Another table of food!

Witches Fingers and Ghost cookies

Happy Haunting!!!!

I didn't have any new photos to share sewing wise and I hate writing to my blog without some photos, so I hope you liked the Halloween photos.

Well with supper now done, I'm off to go on a quick little errand then back home to do some binding!!! Fun fun fun!!!

Quiltingly Yours


Carrie P. said...

Halloween looks like it was fun for you all. Boy I would break my neck in the white boots.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You're sure doing a lot of winking there Andrea! Glad to hear it and I hope you're still feeling good :^)

Love the costumes for Halloween, especially Alexi's! LOL!