Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping Busy and Creative

I have been working away on a number of things the last few days. Thursday and Friday night I got a good portion of a baby's quilt put together. A good friend of mine is about 1 to 2 weeks further along in her pregnancy and she is having a little girl. I decided to make a baby's quilt for her upcoming shower.

Little did I know til the day after that Heidi (a new blogger I have been reading about) has a "Friday Night Sew In"! Well I didn't know at the time, but I told her after the fact that I got in a bit of work myself on a project I wanted to do and am interested in tagging along in future "Friday Night Sew In" sessions!

Along with the quilt I also put a little more work into some Christmas Santa Placemats I started before Christmas but never finished. Last night I got the red button noses and the eyes in place. I also started marking the placemats for machine quilting. I might tackle those tomorrow night. (hmmm I tried to add the photos to this post, but it seems my icon to add photos is being a bit stubborn and won't let me add more photos... grrrr.. next time folks)!!

Saturday night we invited a couple of our friends over for an evening of relaxing. We broke out the Wii game console and played a 4 player Mario game! I was the lucky one to keep dying all the time!! LOL I was never very good at video games but I had fun all the same!

Sunday my friend Crystal came over and we scrapbooked. We both have so much we want to scrap and we both needed some encouragement to get at it. We decided one Sunday a month we would meet up and spend the day and evening scrapping. Right now I am working on a "Book About Me" Album. Mum gave me my family album some years ago and over the last couple of years I started little by little to scrap some of the memories. I have many many pages to do, but I'm enjoying looking back on all the old photos of me as a little girl.

Before Christmas Crystal and I started going to Michael's Craft Store as well as a local private scrapbooking store to stock up on more papers and embellishments. I picked up a really nice album I want to scrap for my little boy. I can't WAIT to start his album! I also picked up some extra clear rubber stamps, ink, water colour pencils and other cute embellishments! We also plan to work on different greeting cards throughout the year too!

Well tonight it's laundry night and tidying/organizing/gutting out more STUFF from the future nursery. No sewing for me tonight :( I best get back to it!

Quiltingly Yours

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Maria said...

Congrates on the pending arrival. How exciting getting everything ready.Have fun.
My you are a busy girl doing all your crafty projects. Love the baby Quilt. Nice colours.
What a great idea setting aside a day a month to do scrapbooking with your friend. It is so much more fun .
Enjoyed reading yur blog and will call in again
Hugz Maria