Monday, January 25, 2010

Results From My Kitchen Day

Whew!!! What a day I put in yesterday!!! It was alot more productive than I planned and I had fun doing it... even if I was 9 hours straight in the kitchen!!! LOL. (Needless to say my back, neck and legs are feeling it today).

So I started at 12:15pm yesterday. This is how my kitchen looked in the beginning.

By 3:30, it was looking more like this!!!

Ah, but the results once the last couple things came out of the oven and bread maker at 10pm that night was worth it!! Here is the loot!!!

(mmmmm the smell of chocolate chip cookies throughout the house is heaven!!!

From left to right: 6 meals of spaghetti, 6 meals of honey garlic meatballs, 4 meals of shrimp jambalaya (we had that for supper too), a plate full of homemade cod fish cakes (supper for tonight)

One pan of lasagne (I can get 6 meals for the two of us out of this)

top: a dozen pumpkin/cranberry muffins, middle: a dozen banana chip muffins, bottom: chocolate chip cookies, front: banana loaf, and two loaves of bread: cracked wheat and oatmeal raisin!!!

By 10:30 I got to put my feet up and watch Masterpiece Theatre for a little bit. Then it was off to bed. I hope to have at least one more big kitchen day (or perhaps break it down into two half days) before the baby is due. I figure the more meals I have made up in advance the less I have to worry about when my little boy arrives and I can focus more on him and then just pop something in the oven.. quick and dirty yet good for you meals!!!

Does anyone out there in blogland have some really good casserole dishes they could share with me? I'm looking for something that is freezer friendly!!

As for the quilting side of things, I think I'll take it easy today and start up something tomorrow evening. I just got the new Connecting Threads catalog in the mail this afternoon so I'm off to drool over all the pretty patterns and new fabric lines!

Quiltingly Yours


Mandy said...

Broccoli Chicken

Brown 3-4 chicken breasts in olive oil with salt and pepper to taste and 2 cloves of chopped garlic

in a casserole dish combile one cane of cream of chicken and one can of cream or broccoli plus 2 cans of milk with one clove of chopped garlic salt and pepper

boil 450g of penne to al dante and add to the milk mixture, add chicken breasts and one large bag of broccoli florets. Cover in cheese of choice (approx 3-4 cups), I usually use cheddar.

Bake at 400F for 40mins-1hour... YUMMY! It freezes well but I dare you to have left-overs :)

What Comes Next? said...

Oh, I bet it did smell good in your house! I've just popped over from the Winter Mini Quilt swap participants list, and stumbled upon your baking day! What a wonderful variety of meals you've put up!
My Connecting Threads arrived today, too, and I'm off to drool as well. (any chance of any of those crab cakes heading west???)

Klarafina said...

Thanks for the nice comment about my tablerunner. It is a favourite!
You have been really busy in the kitchen. I would like one of those muffins :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Andrea...where do you get the energy from to do all that cooking?!? That's about as much as I cook in a month!