Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nursery Almost Done!!!!!!!

Only the crib skirt to complete and the room is READY!! woooo hoooo!!!!! Mum, Future God Mother Theresa, and Trevor's sister Denise are planning the shower for this Sunday!! I can't WAIT!!! It is getting soooo exciting now and with the room so close to being completed, I am just getting more and more anxious! All that will remain is the baby! :) I'll post photos when the room is ready for showing, which will be Sunday.

I'm thinking I will be finishing up work toward the end of this month. My legs are getting very tired and sore and I'm getting alot of heavy pressure on the belly. The little fella is getting more and more cramped for space and when he does move he kicks a good hard punch between my rib cage or under my lungs!! Whew!!!! I think we might have a future David Beckham on our hands!!!

I have kept saying to myself I needed to write another blurb here, but I have been up to my eyeballs in various sewing projects!

First of all, I completed another baby quilt for a friend of mine at work. My co-worker's girlfriend is due close to me so yesterday at work there was a duo baby shower for myself and fellow co-worker Justin. They are also having a baby boy.

The department we work for are just amazing!!! The gifts they gave us were incredible! Again most of the stuff I need to show off in the room for Sunday so I'll post photos then. Our fellow co-workers absolutely spoiled us rotten! Here are a few photos of the shower at work!

No this is NOT Trevor! This is my friend and co-worker Justin. His girlfriend is having a baby so the crew at work gave us a duo baby shower. We are both having boys. We just decided to get silly!

The boardroom where the shower took place. There was a lot more food on this table after the photo was taken! I didn't have to eat another morsel that day I was stuffed!

Justin and I both received the same gifts from our co-workers. It was quite fun and hilarious to see! There was only one gift we each received that was different. He received a nice grooming kit and I received a GORGEOUS Safari animal musical mobile. (I'll post a photo of it once its installed on the crib)

mmmmmmmmmmmm cake!

Cutting the cake!!!

I also made a little something for the Winter Quilt Swap that I'm involved with through Quilting Bloggers. As I have been having major case of baby brain I thought I could make more than just a small quilt and so instead made a Snowflake tote bag. I was a few days late getting it completed but then I was so busy with getting the nursery completed, it sort of got lost in the shuffle. Better late than never. Thanks Michelle so much for letting me have the extra couple days. I hope my swap partner likes her squishy! It will be going out in the mail tomorrow!

Jungle Boogie wallhanging is FINALLY completed! I finished the last of the hand binding this evening after supper. I plan to have it hung in the nursery tomorrow night and will be able to take a better photo of it to share with you later. For now here are a few photos of the wallhanging in the machine quilting stage!

I do know that when the crib skirt is done and the nursery sewing is done, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself! I know I have a pile of other quilting projects to work on, but I feel I'm going to be lost! LOL Tonight for instance I just did a few smaller things such as tidy up the bomb shell that was my sewing room! lol. I also managed to get the remaining 6 sewing motif embroidery squares printed off and ready for embroidery work. I also took a little inventory of the Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM I was involved in last year. I have three more packages to receive and then I'll have all the blocks to work on and make. I would like to make this quilt for Wil when he gets older as a nice winter quilt for my little boy to snuggle under.

Well on that note, its after midnight on Friday and I'm zonked! I took today off of work to have an extra long St. Patrick's Day weekend. I don't return back to work until Tuesday. Today I went out to get some groceries and the ingredients to make my decadent chocolate cake. I am making my baby shower cake and myself and Future God Mother will be decorating it tomorrow night. Theresa is a fabulous cake decorator and she got me interested in taking the Wilton courses back last Fall. I can't wait to tackle the cake decorating. I think there are maybe 25 people attending the shower on Sunday afternoon! It's gonna be fun!

Quiltingly Yours


Quilting Queen said...

"Comfort Cove" caught my eye and then to see that you are in Newfoundland cinched it. Hello fellow Newf...mind you, I am a displaced in New Brunswick now for the past 34 years(oh Lord, is it that long). Gander is my hometown but I did live in Clarenville for a few years. Best wishes on the birth of your child.

Unknown said...

You must be so excited. Enjoy the's gonna leave you soon enough, put your feet up as this may be the last time for the next 20 years that you can do so.
I love this you.
the quilts are fabulous.
Cakes are yummy too!
yeah, i do remember feeling like I had a 20 lb basketball strapped to my tummy!

Patchmaker said...

Jungle Boogie is looking amazing! You must be so organized to work, bake, quilt, all with the little guy "on board"!

Lee said...

Your swap partner loves her new bag! the embroidery is beautiful and blue is my favourite colour. Thank you so much. good luck with baby hope all goes well with delivery. I love the jungle wall hanging, fabulous, you are so talented. Rest and put your feet up, life will never be the same in a few weeks.