Sunday, February 28, 2010

33 Weeks and Counting

Where has the time gone at all!!! I swear it didn't seem that long ago it was summer and we were all out on the patio deck enjoying a beautiful sunny warm summer and finding out I was pregnant! 33 weeks later, deep in winter and now I have a few more weeks to go and I will have my little boy in my arms!!!! How time has flown!

Between watching the olympics and working on the nursery, I haven't had a chance to write anything here on my blog. I figured it was time to squeeze in a few minutes to tell you all what has been happening the last week or so.

Well let's see, first of all I had a nice quiet relaxing birthday February 26th. I took the day off from work and since sweetie was working, Mum and I got together and spent the day shopping. She also took me out for a nice birthday lunch. I wasn't too sure how I would be feeling that day as I had to take the day before off from work as baby was putting so much pressure on my belly that it was very uncomfortable and also hard to walk. I spent most of that day lying down napping or sitting in my rocking chair Mum gave me for my birthday for the nursery watching olympics. I swear the little fella kicked and punched every organ in my body that day! I felt like a punching bag!

Anyway, when Trevor finished work at 4pm on Friday, he treated me to supper and of course a big chocolate cake!!!! He gave me this beautiful lamp for the nursery,

as well as a snugli baby carry and a pretty shirt for me to wear after pregnancy.

As for my sewing productivity, I didn't do to shabby. I cut out and assembled and layered for quilting another baby quilt for a friend who is due close to my due date. The shower is in another couple weeks. All that is left to that one is to quilt it and bind it. Once it is complete I will post a photo.

I also managed to complete the remaining bureau runners for the nursery

(they still need to be pressed so they can hang better)

as well as the little quilt I made for my little boy.

I also completed the quilt for my friend whose baby shower is this afternoon. I posted photos of it sometime ago while it was in the assembly process, but here is the final product! I love how it turned out!

As for Jungle Boogie, I have two more animals completed, and am working on the last one now. My goal is to complete the last animal today and start to assemble the wallhanging this evening after the shower. Please welcome, Zelda the Zebra, and Ella the Elephant.

Leon the Lion is almost done! I had a lot of zig zag work on his mane to do last night. I just have to satin stitch around his face, eyes and mouth and he is done!! Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I also have the bumper pad fabric cut out. I just need to cut out the batting and start making those. I hope to have those completed by the end of next week. My overall goal is to complete the room by March 14th. That is the date of my Baby Shower. I want to be able to show the room when friends and family come to the shower. Not to mention, I want it done while I still have a wee bit of energy left (as I'm finding that slowly dwindling) and well hey just in case the little fella decides he wants to arrive earlier than the due date, I want to have the room all set and ready for him!

Whew!!!!!!!!!! So after all that, it is time for me to end here, post the photos and then head down to the sewing room for another hour or so before heading to my friend's baby shower!

But before I go I wanted to share with you a couple other photos I took yesterday. The first one is "Chase" the local neighbourhood kitty. I found here on guard on my patio next to one of our bird feeders yesterday afternoon. She was keeping a close eye on some potential lunch! She drove poor Alexi off her head!!! Poor Alexi was whining and crying to get out at the cat! Chase just could not have been bothered!

On Friday afternoon, we had some heavy fog come through the area. As it came off the ocean and onto land, the temperatures dropped and caused the trees to look all icy and snowy. But on closer inspection, this is what the trees looked like from the fog! It was just gorgeous to see all the trees like this. You will notice the trees in the photo above all covered in these ice/snow particles!

Til Next Time!

Quiltingly Yours


Maria said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
Wow you sure have been a very busy girl Andrea. Just love all your work.Fence and rail always make a cute quilt.Can't wait to see the wall hanging complete.
Hope you are feeling better and your babe is not kicking you too much.
How exciting for you both as it will not be long and you will meet your little fellow.
Your icecle pics are so cooling as it has been over 40 deg celsius here every day for over a week
Take care

Molly said...

I love my mini quilt you made me! :) I'm not sure if I've posted a comment before about it, I know I meant to. Thank you so much; we all love it! Congrats on your pregnancy! I love your blog and your recipes! The cheesecakes look yummy...I'll have to try them one of these days.
Thanks again,

limpingalong said...

Andrea - I know what you mean about time flying by -- since I joined in the Pay It Forward I have had thing after thing happening. (But, I'm not pregnant, that would have done me in!) Anyway, somewhere back in my mind April seems the end of our year. Am I right? Well, dear, I am not ready for it to end. Sorry, guess I'm not a good one to be in this event -- I'm barely sewing right now -- and my Sweetie retires March 31 and we will then do some traveling so.... whatever you want to do is fine but know that I'm going to be late, late, late!