Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines!!!

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovebirds out there!!! My sweetie had to work tonight so we ended up going out to a beautiful and favourite restaurant of ours The Casbah. They had a really nice Valentines Menu available and well I couldn't resist, I just HAD to order the Pistachio crusted half rack of lamb... It was sooooooooooooooooo YUMMY!!!! By the time we had our appetizers and main entree, dessert was not an option we were too stuffed!! But since dessert was a part of the Valentines special, we ordered our desserts to go. I think I will treat myself to my dessert tonight! I have a nice little slice of bakeapple cheesecake calling my name!! :) mmmm

Speaking of cheesecake... I made another one today! Trevor is a HUGE fan of partridgeberries. I myself find them a bit too tart for my liking, but when they are baked with other ingredients and sweetened up a bit, they are very tasty. So for Valentines I made him a partridgeberry cheesecake.

This is the first time I came across a cheesecake recipe that had whipping cream as one of the main ingredients. I must say I also found this cheesecake to be much lighter than others. Also this one was baked and then cooled on a wire rack on the counter and not in the fridge. It was very tasty! That is one of the two new recipes I tried for this week. The other one was Almond and Raisin Biscotti. It was my first time making biscotti. I have to say I still need to work on the presentation part of this, hence no photo to share. I am not a big fan of biscotti myself but Mum really enjoys it. So I made it for her as a Valentines gift to her. It did smell really good though!! :)

The nursery is coming along nicely. The furniture is all painted and put in place, and the new pewter looking hardware is all installed on the drawers. Tonight Mum and I got the window cleaned, the screen scrubbed, the floors scrubbed clean. I also got a start on cleaning out the closet and adding a second closet rung as for now there will be lots of teeny tiny clothing to hang so it will give us more room. Also I managed to complete one of the 3 bureau runners. Here is the room so far.

This piece and the little nightstand in the above photo came from my Grandmother Flemming's bedroom when she was a little girl. They are close to 100 years old now.

This bureau below came from my room when I was a little girl. I thought it would be nice to keep these furniture pieces to pass down to my little boy for his room

I just couldn't resist this little elephant! He sings a song when you press his foot and his ears move up and down!! I LOVE HIM!

Mum picked up this wooden car racer Friday night. I just love the look of the old style wooden toys. I have a little wooden airplane I owned as a little girl. I plan to dig it out of storage to put in my boy's room!

I also managed to quilt and bind another baby quilt for a friend who is due to have her baby not long before mine. I just had it washed tonight and it is now drying. I'll post a final photo of it later this week.

Other than that, I have been just resting alot as I'm finding my energy level starting to slow down. Tonight while I watch Masterpiece Theatre on PBS (the next Jane Austen movie is to start tonight.. I'm a big fan of her writing), I will do the hand binding on my baby's quilt.

I also hope to start another animal on the Jungle Boogie wallhanging later this week!

Quiltingly Yours

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