Sunday, February 7, 2010

Safari Adventures and Other Stuff

We survived the snow storm!!! It went on for two full days finally stopping by late Saturday afternoon. We had over 35cm of snow and very high snow drifts! Trevor went out to start shovelling the driveway. There were close to 3 foot drifts of snow behind the car! Fun times!

This is my neighbour's little walk through trellis in her back garden. This will give you an idea of the snow drifts she got in her back garden! There is a hill you walk down to her back yard. It is filled in with snow!!

While the snow storm was in it's full fury on Friday, I managed to get two animals made for the Jungle Boogie wallhanging. I already posted Ssssammmy the Sssslittering Ssssnake, but I never completed animal #3 before my last post. I would like now to introduce you to Alfred the Alligator!!!! He is a bit imposing, but I figured a nice gentlemanly butler style name would make him less angry.

A good friend of mine is a fabulous creative writer. I asked her last night if she would be interested in writing a little story around the animals I was making for Wil. She was soooo happy and excited about this and said she would love to! I want the story to be around Wil and his Safari Adventures and the animals he meets along the way. Once the story is made, I will then make it into a small 8" x 8" scrapbook that we can read together during our bedtime stories!

As for the rest of this weekend, I didn't do a heck of a lot on the sewing machine. I was in the mood to do a bit of hand sewing. Remember some time ago I spoke about the hexagon quilt I am doing by hand?

Well I took shook the dust off it (as I haven't played with it in months), set up my new Ott Lite I bought at Michaels the other night and camped out in the living room watching movies and listening to music while making more Grandmother's Garden blocks.

This afternoon I managed to cut out the rest of the black floral fabric to complete the blocks. This is how my dining room table looked this afternoon!!!

I am hoping to go to the fabric shop this week to buy the cream tone on tone fabric to use as the spacer hexagons to start putting the blocks together.

Tonight, I plan to work on my friend's baby quilt I am giving her for her baby shower at the end of this month. My next stage is to layer it, baste it and then quilt it. I think I'll spray baste it with the505 Spray (I SWEAR by that stuff). It's a quick and dirty method and it means I don't have to be down on my haunches in my 'delicate condition' for too long. Hopefully if I'm lucky I'll get started on the machine quilting too!

I have the night to myself as Trevor is gone out to bond with his male companions over the Superbowl game. Years ago when I lived in Nova Scotia I used to watch football, but these days it's not of interest to me anymore. So tonight I will blast my nice cultured music (some classical or Josh Groban or Andre Rieu or Andrea Bocelli) on the iPod and work away on the baby quilt! Later I'll sit down with Mum in her apartment to watch the next "Masterpiece Theatre" production on PBS. The next few shows are from Jane Austen's books. I love her stories!

Til Next Time!

Quiltingly Yours


Mandy said...

I sure don't miss the snow!!! Which is ironic since I love Labrador... I just don't miss the St. John's snow!

Unknown said...

I heard that there were front end loaders doing drive ways in NF because of the snowplows leaving so much snow.
Oh we have the cold, I don't know which is worse.
Photos are lovely though!

Andrea said...

I love your hexies. Paper piecing is so relaxing. I cut my papers from freezer paper and iron a load onto my fabric and cut round them. I just pick them up to baste in odd minutes and soon get through them. Then once all the hard works done I can put them together at leisure. I have 3 projects in various stages. I'm also loving your son's animal quilt coming along - stay warm xxx

Patchmaker said...

Alfred the Alligator is looking great, as are his friends! What a good idea to have a story to go with them.

LOL - nothing like a superbowl party to inspire a guy to shovel the driveway!


Comfort Cove Designs said...

Nanci you are correct! Well a friend of ours has a really bad back and the snow was so heavy in places he would have been out of commission for a week had he cleared it out himself He paid a fella with a private front end loader $50 to clear out his driveway!!

Indigo Blue said...

My name is also Andrea and I have joined the OPAM challenge. I am in the UK and we have has more snow than usual this year! Your hand made quilt that you have been cutting out looks lovely, this type of quilt was one of the first things i made as a child. Sadly I only got as far as making a few into a small pincushion! Moved on a little since then thank goodness!

Unknown said...

We are sweltering here and you have all that lovely cool snow !
Love your crocodile .