Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet William Has Arrived!!!!

It has been over 2 weeks since I posted here, but for all good reason. Sweet William Todd Best arrived into the world Thursday, April 29th, 2010!!!!!!!!!!! It's hard to believe he is already two weeks old today! The time is going quickly and I can see such amazing changes in him already. Momma and baby and doing alright. Momma had to endure over 23 hours of labour and a very hard delivery but we survived! He weighed in 7 pounds, 11 1/2 ounces and as of yesterday during a little weigh in he is now 8 pounds 5 ounces.

Today and yesterday have been two rough days as our little boy has had some nasty gas pains. His poor little body is just crumpled in pain and discomfort. We have had next to little sleep. I have been doing some research online about infants and gas related issues and hope to try a few things. Up to yesterday evening he has been always able to sleep in his crib, but since last night the only place he seems comfortable and able to sleep is in his car seat. I guess he feels better in a semi sit position sleeping than on his back right now to help ease his pain. The poor little fella. I wish I could take the pain from him. I really hope this passes soon. I have read some nasty incidences where the gas pains could go from 24 hours to 12 months!! Ooohhh Help me!!!!!

As for sewing... well .. umm that has now been put on hold for a while. I did manage to get in about 20 minutes a few nights ago on some hand sewing of my hexagon blocks, but then the little fella woke up for a feeding and that was the end of my needle work!!! Sigh.... will I ever get to sew again???? I'm already suffering withdrawls!!!!!!!

Please tell me it will happen!! I need re assurance!!! Don't get me wrong I love love LOVE being a Mommy, but Mommy just doesn't have her own time anymore. I have been soo use to doing what I wanted when I wanted and that suddenly changed. For the good mind you, but I do miss my sewing time already!!! Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed that his little gas pains end very soon and we have a happy baby and happy Mommy and Daddy again!!!

Quiltingly Yours


Maria said...

Fistly congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful son William Todd.
Don't think your four legged friend looks too happy on the counch.OL
OH as for wind it can literally be a pain for you all.My youngest GS was only happy being held upright for his first four months hoping you find an answer sooner for William. all babies are so different.Good luck.

As for your sewing won't be long and your sweet babe will have big naps and you can get back into it. Time goes so quickly.

All the best,hugz for William
Maria from Dongara Australia.

Lee D said...

Congratulation. What a cutie. sorry your labour went so long. As for the gas problems i hope they will pass. Are you nursing? if so could be something in your diet. If you're not nursing, maybe you need to change formulas. Oh gosh it has been awhile since i cared for babies, my oldest turns 18 next week. I just remember that about every 2 weeks there was a change in sleeping/eating patterns, until about 6-8 weeks. Then it would change about every 2 months. don't get overwhelmed and keep your health up. best wishes to you and William. yes you will be able to stitch again, but don't rush this precious time together!

Patchmaker said...

Congratulations, Andrea! What a wonderful little guy! Yup, time for sewing is coming; may not feel that way right now, but it definitely is! Fingers and toes crossed that the little fellow's gas problems are over quickly, and that you all get some sleep!


Quilting Queen said...

Congratulations! A beautiful baby boy.Don't seems like forever before you find time for you but it will happen. Babies eventually get onto a good routine and you can schedule "me" time. In actual fact, the time goes in the blink of an eye..take this from one who has daughters in their 30's....and that was only yesterday they were born...

Mandy said...

Hey Andrea! Congrats!!! Little William looks absolutely adorable!

I'm not sure what formula you're using but our niece couldn't stay on the Enfamil from the hospital. It was too hard on her tummy and she got a lot of gas.

They switched her to Nestle Good Start and it made the world of difference. After 4-6 weeks they (Mommy and Nanny) thought it would be cheaper to switch from the cans of milk that you mix with water to the powdered formula. THE GAS CAME BACK WITH VENGEANCE! The baby's doctor said that some tummy's can't handle the powdered milk.

So even though she's over 8 months old now, she's still on the cans of milk... on stage 2 nestle good start.

I think you should try out a new formula! It'll probably make a world of difference. We also used some gripe water, kolic drops and oval drops all found at Wal-Mart or the local Pharmacy.

I might not be my niece's Mom but I'm telling you, you learn a lot when you live in the same house as a baby for 6 months ;)

I hope some of this helps!!!!!

Vivian said...

Yay!!! Welcome to the world William, may you live happily and always feel safe and secure.

Andrea your journey begins! The road mothers follow is full of twists and turns and when you think your heart couldn't be more full or take any more bruising you turn a corner and find a whole new part of yourself you didn't know existed. What joy we hold in our arms.
I wish you all the best and envy you the start of this journey. My girls grew with leaps and bounds and it seems like yesterday they were as small as William. Enjoy every moment!

Yay you! Now hug the babe for me.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congratulations Andrea, little William is a cutie pie! Gas pains can be a problem, perhaps you could mention it at his next Dr appt.
As for your sewing time, it'll come, when William is more into a routine with sleeping and eating. Enjoy him, they grow so fast!!!

Annmarie said...

Oh Aggie, I'm so happy for you & Trevor. I was so worried - checked every day & no baby. So glad you are all fine even if you are ALL having growing pains! Give sweet William a hug & a kiss for me. Lots of good wishes coming your way.....

Unknown said...

Hi Andrea: well each day I checked to see if you had had the baby...looks like an angel in the photos.
Sleep girl, any chance you get till the 3 month routine is established I think. Then you will have lots of time to sew and can even let William watch.
Am happy for you.

limpingalong said...

Wonderful!! So glad to hear that the baby is here safe and sound. I'm traveling so I haven't been on line too much so I'm behind a bit.
Enjoy your little one -- they grow up fast!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you on your little bundle of joy. He will bring you so much joy and happiness. My little one just turned 3 in March and it is still hard to believe. Is there a early years center in your area that offers baby massage. They will show you how to massage your baby to take those horrible gas pains away. I just discovered your blog from a quilting message board.
Take care,

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations! Great news! Enjoy every sleepless moment! My son was similar and it was really tough for a couple of months. I used to try to hand stitch a couple of thimble shaped english paper piecing bits together every night - just to feel like I was accomplishing something that I could see.
All the best!