Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Alive!!!!

Wow!!! It's been WEEKS since I have been able to get here and post!! I have missed all my friends in blogland and feel so out of touch in the quilting world!

I figured with Sweet William taking an early evening nap, I thought I would take a few minutes to post a little blurb on how things have been going as a new mommy and how life is with a baby in the house..

Wow.. where to begin... Sweet William turned 7 weeks yesterday!!!!!! Where HAS the time gone at all!!!! He is growing like a weed and his little personality is beginning to show in different ways. He especially loves music and dancing with his Mommy.
We also joined a great play group of 9 Mommies and 9 babies. In the group there are 3 boys and 6 girls. Sweet William is the youngest and the oldest is a little boy named Kyle who is 7 months old. We meet every Wednesday afternoon for a few hours and each week a Mommy hosts in her house.
His baptism is next weekend on the 27th of the month. His Nana is going to make his baptism gown and his Great Aunt Elsie has knit him a bonnet, booties and a cardigan. I can't WAIT to see him in his Baptism attire. We plan to have a little reception back here at the house after the ceremony.
As for sewing... well not a heck of a lot of time for that these days. I have been making a few little things in between sleeps though. I made a nice butcher apron and pot holder set for a Christmas gift. (yep, I actually started making my Christmas gifts as of February past... knowing the little fella would take up alot of time in the beginning I had to start early)..Although I think with him sleeping a bit more and a bit longer I think the time is coming soon for him to give Mommy some more longer "me" time sessions. Now that he is aware of more things around him he is soooo curious about everything.
I also finished making the first set of one of a kind flip flop tote bags I will be selling this year. Here is a small peek at two of them. I'm hoping Trevor will help me tonight with getting better photos of them so I can sell them online.

Since sewing/quilting has come to a slow crawl, I am managing to get some knitting done though. That is easier to take up and put down. So far I have made 4 pairs of socks and have another pair started on the needles.

As for my kitchen days.. LOL well they too have come to a slow crawl pace... I managed to find a great recipe magazine all on slow cooker recipes. Those work GREAT with an infant in the house.. throw everything in one pot and it cooks all day long and viola cooked supper without the hassle! I have been buying a few other recipe books too for when I do get back to playing in my kitchen. I figure once the little guy is a bit older and able to sit up and entertain himself, I'll roll is playpen in the kitchen so I can keep an eye on him and cook at the same time!!!
Here is a small shot of a great salmon recipe I make with phyllo pastry.. it's one of our favourites.. the rice has spinach and feta cheese through it!

I did add a new toy to my sewing room... my brand new Philips CD/Ipod/Radio boom box!!! Now I can dance and sing when I DO get back to playing in my sewing room again LOL

Well I best get going... I have a little video monitor here that allows me to see my little boy while he is sleeping and he is starting to get a littlel restless... it's time for his evening bottle and bath then he is good for the night. I just wanted to post a little something here to say I am still alive and kicking and enjoying mommyhood!

Quiltingly Yours

Quiltingly Yours



limpingalong said...

What a little darling you have! He is really cute. Enjoy each minute you have with him -- before you know it he will be running out the door with the car keys!

Marj said...

Wow! Your little boy is beautiful. Enjoy him as much as you can because kids really grow up fast and time sure does fly.....My babies are now 17 & 20. but I still enjoy spending time with them. I belonged to a play group when mine were babies and we made a great support group for each other. Take time to savor all the little things that your son does and enjoy.

Maria said...

So nice to hear from you again and meet William. What a gorgeous happy little fella he is.
WOW you are lucky that he settles for the night already. Good boy!
They just grow so fast so it is good to enjoy them.

Andrea said...

What a lovely post. Little William is so gorgeous. Please try and enjoy these early days ( even though they are hectic ) as they pass by far too quickly. When my Jess was a baby she was so demanding I never did any sewing or knitting for months so you are doing really well. Take care xx

Quilting Queen said...

Glad to hear things are going smoothly. You have a beautiful (or should I say handsome) sweet William. Nice to see you back in blog land.

Mandy said...

So nice to hear from you :)

The little feller looks right cute too ;)

Annmarie said...

Andrea - thanks for the update. I'm sure I'm not the only one who clicks everyday in anticipation. He is soooo precious. And sooooo BIG already! Glad you are all doing fine. Hugs.

Annmarie said...

Andrea - aka Quilting Aggie - if you don't have time to blog PLEASE post just 3 words - "we are fine!" Hope all is well. Hugs to all of you.