Monday, June 22, 2009


I have FINALLY completed putting my sewing room together the way I want it to be! Well eventually I want to get rid of the #($#( 70's panelling on the walls and put in a nice laminate flooring, but that might have to wait until next year or the year after. I want to replace my patio deck first I think. Mind you the deck we have is really nice and we spiced it up and made it very cozy this weekend with flowers and such (photos to come in the next posting), but it's about 20 years old and we want to have an updated pressure treated one now.

So for now, the sewing room is now my cozy little space to call my very own! On this post, I want to share a pile of photos with you. I have alot to show as I pretty much did a 360 degree view and did some close up shots. I hope you enjoy my little tour!

Alexi wishes to share these photos of our new sewing room! She loves her big pillow so I thought I would bring it downstairs to the sewing room tonight so we could have a girl's night in the new room!

My sewing room is my basement. The door is the main door to Mum's apartment. She just has to open her door where you will see her kitchen and she can come sit with me to sew in the room. She is a quilter and sewer too, so we have a great space when we want to hang out together and stitch. We also started our first Thursday night sewing group in the new space after a few weeks without meeting up since we were so busy unpacking.

One of my many wallhangings I put to my walls.

One angle of my sewing room. On the wall with the window, and another wall you will see later, there is that ugly 70's panelling this is hard as nails to get a nail pounded into it to hang wallhangings! Eventually I will be removing the panelling and the carpet to put in laminate.

Another view of my sewing room and my home office space. The sewing machine in front here is Mum's machine. She left it there since Thursday night as she is working on a project and didn't want to disturb it.

This little fishy nightlight was given to me by a lovely lady I work with. Maxine gave me this little nightlight for my birthday this year. I told her last week that I finally got to take it out of it's packaging and actually get to use it. I wanted to put this in my sewing room when I finally unpacking. He finally swims by my desk!

Some of my quilts folded. The very bottom one is the very first quilt I made back in 1994. It is a sampler quilt and I remember learning many great techniques from that quilt!

More storage area as well as a filing cabinet on the bottom that holds 13 years of quilting class lesson plans!

Fabric Stash Cabinet #1

Fabric Stash Cabinet #2

My home office space

More wallhangings to cover the ugly panelling!!!

This is my hand applique/quilting wh I made some years ago. I love this piece and just had to add it to my walls! I hung this one tonight

My little 1945 Singer Featherweight. I love this machine and sew on it all the time!

My 1907 hand crank Singer machine. I haven't sewn on this one yet. I need to get it serviced first to see if it still works. Everything seems to be okay and nothing seems seized. I love the swirly designs on this machine!

My hand applique/quilted Grapevine Wreath WH I made back in 2000/01. It is 54" square. This is the first thing I see when I come down my stairs to my room

My hope chest that is filled with batting and showing off some of the cushions I have made. Two of these I used as class samples

My UFO cabinet. It is filled to capacity with UFOS!!!!!!!! The wooden sewing box was made many years ago by my ex-FIL. I remember him to be a very sweet man. He made this little sewing box for me.

Some of my bears as well as my little sewing motif tea set my ex-MIL gave me years ago. She was a quilter herself and so knew I would really appreciate this little gift. I unwrapped this little beauty tonight. I had it stored for almost 10 years, so it was really nice to take it out and display it again!

Up close photo of the tea set. The thread spools are the cups and they sit on button saucers. The machine is the teapot, the dress form is the sugar and the ironing board is the creamer!

Another sewing cabinet filled with notions and as you can see my collection of mazagines. I have my iPod dock here so I listen to my favourite music.

hee hee can you see I like bears??? :) Here is a close up shot of a little sewing machine trinket box that is big enough to store needles. I love this little trinket box!

A close up shot

My sewing station, complete with a glass of wine!

Another view of my sewing station.

This little display cabinet cost under $5 at a flea market! I bought it a few years ago. It is perfect to show off more of my little sewing related trinkets as well as my little collection of thimbles!

This little sign was a little stocking stuffer Mum gave me last Christmas. I think it speaks VOLUMES!! Don't you??

My bookcase filled with lots of quilting books!

Another view of my work station. The cushion on the press back chair came from Paris. Well the tapestry part did. I made it into a cushion. A dear friend of me from a few years ago brought it back to me when she and her husband took a little trip there. She brought back a gorgeous piece herself which we made into a wallhanging for her kitchen.

Well this post took me over an hour to put together and it is now after 1:30am!!!! It's a good thing this is a long weekend here so I can sleep in!!!
I hope you all enjoyed my little tour of my sewing room. I started sewing here for the first time Thursday night past. That was the last night I sewed here! All weekend Trevor and I have been playing in the garden and planting flowers and getting the patio set up the way we want. My next post (hopefully tomorrow, now that I think I am getting on more of a routine and settled) I will post photos of our weekend planting our summer flowers!

Quiltingly Yours


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the tour of the sewing room! Be sure to thank Alexi with a kiss, ok?

Glad to see you're back to sewing, I know how much you missed it!

limpingalong said...

Love the sewing room! I guess my stash doesn't look too bad compared to yours. I'll have to have my Sweetie drop by if he ever starts to complain. Awwww, Sweetie never complains about the fabric! He is wonderful that way. He doesn't ask much and I don't ask much about the new stuff for the Harley. Works just fine!

Love the doggy!