Monday, June 1, 2009

When Will The Unpacking End???

I swear the boxes are multiplying overnight!!!! I feel I have been unpacking boxes FOREVER!!! I suppose I will be unpacked and settled into my house sometime before the end of the year!! Right now I am DYING to get back to my sewing! Right now though I am still trying to unpack a box or two in the evenings after work.

Saying that though, I have to say I am starting to see alot more floor space in the sewing space than when we first started putting stuff down there! Just about every night for the last week now I have been spending a few hours in my little room unpacking sewing stuff, magazines, books and 8 BOXES of FABRIC!!!! I have two pantries now filled with my fabrics and I still have room to add more!! hee heee that's a FABULOUS thing! Here are a few photos of how my room has been taking shape the last week.

Somewhere between all those boxes is a sewing room!!!! I have to say though at this time, that some of the boxes here belong to Mum as she needed some space to put some of her boxes while she unpacked in the basement apartment.

This is one of 8 boxes of fabric. That is not counting the Rubbermaid containers of scrap fabrics LOL.. I lost count of those!

All of Mum's boxes are now out of the room. Now to tackle the boxes of fabrics!

Here is one of two pantrys I am using to store my fabrics.

Voila!!! Pantry #1 complete!

In the middle is the other pantry that holds all my seasonal fabrics and print fabrics and the pieces I use for the one of a kind summer tote bags I make and sell! I have one of my two antique sewing machines on display over the pantry. I still have an old fashion style crazy patch quilt that has velvets, satins, tapestry, lace and other textiles that I want to display behind the machine. I also have three teddy bears hanging out by the machine!

It's a big messy, but believe me when I say it is an organized chaos there!! I still have alot of organizing and tidying up to do. But I have a better idea now where I'm going with this! (this photo was taken this evening)

Again, here is another photo taken this evening... At least I can see and walk across the room now without working through a maze of boxes and bags!!!

I am also slowly making my way over to my new office desk there in the far right corner. I am anxious to get that up and going and really start a more serious push on the sewing business I want to work on. Part of that business will include small private classes. I can probably teach 4-5 people in this room!

Well it is almost 11pm here and I want to get Alexi out for one more walk and pee break before I head to bed. Another work day ahead of me tomorrow.

I am also anxious to get back to regular blog posts and reading up on my favourite blogs! Hopefully soon!

Quiltingly Yours


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I think your sewing room is shaping up nicely Andrea! Soon, soon you'll
have time to sew, or maybe work on a hand project in the mean time?

Marj said...

Looks like you will be back to quilting soon. Good luck with your new business.

limpingalong said...

Ok, I don't feel bad about how much fabric I have on hand -- any time my Sweetie wants to complain, I'll send him over to look at your 8 boxes!!
Looks like you are getting there!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG I havent even opened boxes with the fabric yet. lol Your doing better than me.
Hang in there.

limpingalong said...

Looking good!