Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things Are Beginning To Look Up

Well the boxes are pretty much gone and I am seeing alot more floor space in my sewing room. There is hope after all!!

I spent the other night working away at my little office desk and putting that into some sort of order and organization. I am starting to like what I see! It is not EXACTELY the way I want it to look, but it's a good start. (photos to follow soon).

I have more of a reason to get set up and organized soon as I was approached recently about publishing my work online!!! I'm getting really excited!!! I have been looking for a new challenge for myself and this was just thrown in my lap and lately it's all I've been thinking about! Has any of you out there in blogland been published online before? I would love to hear your story! This will make my little quilting business a little more grounded if everything turns out alright! I promise to keep you all posted as things progress.

I am hoping to be back in sewing mode after this weekend. I really want to get back at my one of a kind tote bags I make up and sell as well as get a start on my Christmas inventory. Somewhere in amongst all of that I have to make curtains for my living room and dining room!!! Sigh.. there are just not enough hours in the day!

So on to other news. Alexi got her stitches out the other day and she started Canine University! Yep pooch is going to dog school. We (myself, Trevor and the trainers) realized that for the four years she was with her previous owners, they did not discipline her and she must of had the run of the house. We refuse to have her think she rules the roost. We had our first class earlier this week. She is very leash aggressive around other dogs and she goes STRANGE with barking and yapping when amongst other dogs. She has to learn that she is not the leader of the pack in this house and she follows our rules!

In the beginning of the class the trainer had to take her himself and get her calmed down and relaxed around the other dogs. My nerves were a mess and I wondered to myself if this dog can still be trained. I was told there is still lots of hope and she will learn! So far we are learning Heal, Sit and Stay. She is doing okay, but sometimes she thinks I am playing with her when I tell her to sit and looks at me and twists around as I try to gently push her butt down to the floor. Sigh.. it's trying some days, but I have to keep persistent and stay positive that she WILL listen and obey! Anyone out there with dogs that have gone through this???? There is hope for me and her right???

Here are a few more photos of our little girl while we were out working in the back garden last Saturday and after she had her little surgery. No puppies for this baby!

She looked so sad and humiliating with her collar on. I kept it on her for a few days then I had to take it off. She looked depressed.

Out for a little Sunday morning walk

She loves to nap between the cushions on the bed.

Our little Gargoyle on the corner of our deck!

Alexi is introduced to Chase. Chase is the most friendliest cat I have seen! She belongs to someone in the neighbourhood and she makes herself at home wherever she is. Alexi just looked at her for a bit then began to bark. Chase would just walk by casually and not break her stride. Poor Alexi would be all agitated and the cat would walk around the dog just to get her going.

Chase making herself at home in our backyard

I just loooove this photo of her!!! She is such a little poser for the camera.. The camera loves you baby!

Chase suggested I needed a little break from the weeding and to pay some attention to her!

Trevor and Alexi playing with a stick in the back yard. Alexi is an EXCELLENT jumper! She is our little circus dog! Quite the entertainer!

Well that's all til next time. With my sewing/office space almost ready to be worked in, I hope to be able to post blogs more regularly. Well... I'm saying that right now.... there is still much organizing to be done throughout the house. So for now I am going to sign off and get back to my space and do some more organizing. I really want to put the push to start sewing by the weekend or early next week. Tomorrow night Mum and I are meeting up to go to dinner and a movie and we also plan to take a little drive over to Fabricville to see if there are any sales going on.

Quiltingly Yours


Patchmaker said...

Alexi is such a sweetheart!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad to hear that things are improving on the "unpacking and organizing" part of moving house. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that you'll get to sew this weekend!

limpingalong said...

cute dog -- glad your unpacking is going well. I remember those days and don't envy you the un-packing but would like a new house -- on one floor, not two!