Friday, February 27, 2009

Post Birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday! I really enjoyed my day off work. Trevor was also off work yesterday and we spent a great day together!

After a nice sleep in, we headed out to Cora's for breakfast! They have fabulous breakfasts at that restaurant. From there Trevor took me shopping and spoiled me! I got a new Wilton cake pan with fancy scallops all over it, two nice tops from Old Navy and a nice smelly diffuser with the bamboo sticks from Pier 1. Last night, I met up with Mum and the sewing gals and FINISHED!!! Yes I said FINISHED the Double Irish Chain quilt!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo hooooooooo it's DONE!!!!!!! Snoopy Dancing!!!!

I put the quilt on Mum's bed last night to take a photo. She has the best bed to take photos of my quilts!

After the sewing, we all sat down to chocolate cake and tea. The perfect way to end the night!

This morning I headed back to work, only to find that my co-workers raided my little office cubicle with Saran Wrap! Seems if they find out you have a birthday and you take the day off, you are the prime target for their wrath!!!!!!! I my case they saran wrapped many things on my desk! And I tell you it was wrapped WELL!!! Here is what I saw when I got to my desk this morning!

They wrapped up my phone and headset!

My stapler, ink pads, and some of my files folders. One photo I forgot to take was how they also wrapped up my overflowing IN box!

More file folders wrapped. OOh and that disturbing photo was something they found on the Internet, had it blown up and laminated, then signed all their names and birthday wishes to me! They figured I would think him a hottie with is big hairy chest and Speedos... Uuuughhh I'm feeling queasy just writing about it!!! Seems they chose that photo as I was joking around with a fellow co-worker who is heading down to the Dominican with his wife and child and there were comments of how scary it would be if he was wearing speedos and how lucky it was for us that we don't have to see that! This was his way of pay back!!! Yep this is the mentality of the crew I work with.... I wouldn't change them for the world!

They even wrapped my SHOES!!!!!!!

I was warned that something could potentially happen to my work space when I was gone, but I had to take the risk!

Tonight I don't plan to do very much. Since the Double Irish Chain quilt is finished, I can get back to doing some more of my other projects that were put on the back burner. Tonight I will take out my Grandmother's Garden blocks and fabrics, and perhaps get a few more templates ready for hand stitching. I now have 12 blocks complete!! I'm offically at the half way mark!! wooo hoooo!

Quiltingly Yours


Quilter Kathy said...

Happy Birthday!
What a creative bunch you work with! They put a lot of effort into torturing you! LOL

Sara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, I love that Doulbe Irish Chain. Did you join my PIF? If so could you send me an email so I can correspond with you? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

glad to see you had an excellent, see you in the morning

Debbe said...

Wow, sounds like a great birthday. The quilt is beautiful. Your coworkers sound like fun...I'd take plastic wrap over no one giving a care anyday!!!! Sounds like you are much loved. Enjoy.

Patchmaker said...

The Irish Chain is beautiful! Happy belated birthday!

Canarella said...

How fun is your work group you lucky girl......

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Birthday to you ...Happy Bithday to you...sounds like you had a great day Andrea....great work your quilt it looks fantastic.

limpingalong said...

Sounds like you had a great b'day! If we have to get older, we might as well enjoy it!!

The Double Irish Chain is beautiful. Congratulations.