Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving On

Since Saturday, Mum and I have been going through the healing process. Every now and then we catch ourselves either looking for Missy or expecting to see her coming around the corner looking for her tuna supper. For instance, last night Mum and I were to sit down to watch The Tudors on CBC. I wanted to do some hand sewing while watching the show, but thought the only source of good lighting is the chair that Missy sleeps in, so I wouldn’t be able to sew. Then it dawned on me….. right…..she doesn’t sleep in that chair anymore. It’s amazing how much these little furry family members become part of your life. In the almost full week since Missy headed to Kitty heaven, we are doing well. We still have our little sad moments, but we also remember all the happy and funny moments with her too.

Tonight is our weekly Thursday Night Sewing Group. I have two more placemats to finish binding for a customer and then I can give them to her tomorrow.(She will be getting the placemat set out front, the rust and print with falling leaves) I will then either work on my four placemat set (the one in the back with the pumpkins and roosters), or start doing the machine quilting on some tree skirts.

I am also hoping to get a start on Trevor’s parent’s Christmas gift this weekend. I plan to make them a set of chenille pillow cushion throws for their living room.

I am also happy to report the living room curtains are………….. FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo hooooooooo!! Okay so it took almost 8 weeks of procrastination at different points to complete the darn things, but I am sooooooo glad they are done! Now I want to get started on my dining room curtains. They will be the same as the living room style and fabric, but much much MUCH smaller panels!!! I really love how my living room curtains make my room look so much more cozy and warm and the room has really come together more!

There was no cake decorating course this week. Last night we had a nasty nasty wind and rain storm. We had over 50mm of rain fall and winds up to 120km/hour!!!! At one point we even had a bout of wet snow!!!!!!! UGGGG SNOW in the middle of October!! WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Soooo wrong! We had no damage to our house or backyard. In fact at times while looking out my kitchen window at suppertime, I saw my trees bend at a very unhealthy angle and thought for sure I was going to lose a tree. Thankfully all trees this morning are intact and funny enough even the little bird feeder that was hanging off the eave of our shed was still in place this morning. There are reports on the news of damage around the city and in fact the province. Some people lost trees and fences and patio furniture they forgot to lash down. One very sad story that came out of whole weather mess was a 49 year old man was killed when a garbage truck tipped over!!!! What a horrible accident! I’m sure we will hear more news reports supper time when we watch the evening news.

Today, on the other hand, the sun is out and it is beautiful. The temperature is much cooler now, but it’s a beautiful day. I hate the thought how it will soon be time to take out the winter boots. I started wearing my heavier coat and scarf to work the last couple of days and I found my gloves this morning. Sigh……. I suppose winter has to show it’s nasty head eventually right?

Quiltingly Yours



Mandy said...

Do you have a pattern for those place mats? I'm making place mats for christmas presents and they're way nicer!!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad you finally got those living room curtains done and hung up! Don't talk to me about snow, a week ago we had some snow that stayed for a few days! Yucky!!!

Unknown said...

Well here in the "south" we are all in winter coats already because of this cold front! My goodness, I can't believe how cold it is too!
Ah well, then we stay in and sew!