Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thursday Night Quilting

Not a heck of a lot to report today. I had a great evening with the Thrusday Night Quilting Girls this week. I got back to working on a Christmas gift and got a lot of it done! Hopefully I will finish it this weekend. I just need to hunt down a d-ring to complete the project.

I also have every intention (even if it KILLS me), to get cracking on my Living room curtains again! I mean I started the darn things 7 weeks ago!!! I am so close to finishing them! I have to hem baste one more panel and I can hang them on the rod. If they both hang at the same length, I can sew them up and they are done! If I play my cards right I might actually have those curtains done this weekend! Stay tuned!

Today we worked on Class #3 of the Sampler quilting course I am teaching this season. The girls are doing GREAT! They learned how to paper piece.

Ooh I graduated from the Wilton Course #1 of Cake Decorating! Wooo hooo!! I even have a certificate to prove I survived!!

LOL The next course starts up next Wednesday. This is also a 4 week course. We only make one cake this time round and it will be in Class #4. This time round I make both buttercream icing and royal icing. We make up all different types of flowers which will eventually be decorated on the cake. In the meantime, I brought my last cake into work yesterday to share with my work mates. By 10:30 that morning, half the cake disappeared!! Da vultures! LOL ahhh but I love making up treats for my friends at work!

After work on Wednesday, Mum met up with me and we went to Fabricville. They had a nice little sale on and I picked up some more fabric pieces for a few more Christmas gifts. This morning while the girls were working away on their paper piece blocks, I too made a little paper piece block to work along with them and to show how it is done. I made mine in Christmas fabrics and now have a little pot holder! I just need to hand stitch the binding around it.

So has anyone out there in Quilting blogland started their Christmas gift making yet? How big is your list?

Ohh I had one more thing to mention to you all. My new blogging friend Mandy has a quilting magazine giveaway on her blog. If you like a chance for free things like I do, then go by her site and say hello!

Quiltingly Yours



Elaine Adair said...

Wow - that cake is amazing! What a piece of art. 8-))

fabricartist21 said...

Boy is that beautiful. I admire you as I tried that a long time ago and just could not do it so you are very talented. Thanks for joining my blog and becoming a follower.