Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Productive Weekend and Kitchen Blog Name Result!!!

What a crazy busy and insane weekend I just had! But a very productive one too! I managed to get in a lot of good quality time in my sewing room this past weekend. I can also officially say I have started making my Christmas gifts for this season. Hey Christmas IS less than 3 months away!!!! Here is a sneak peek of some of the projects I am working on for gifts. Only little peaks as I know these people follow my blog!!!

I also FINALLY completed a project!!! It's been ages it seems since I started and finished something! I have alot of different necklaces that I love to wear, but I was never able to see what I had the way they were in my little jewellery box. So Mum and I came up with the concept of creating a wallhanging to put in our closets to show off all the 'bling' we do have!! And Viola!!! here is my little hanging! Now I can see all my necklaces and can easily choose what I want to wear!

I like to start my Christmas gift list in January (yes you read right), that way it is fresh in my mind what I gave away last Christmas. In fact I have a book devoted to my Christmas lists for each year! I make a list of all the people I want to give gifts too. (sometimes the list increases as sometimes throughout a year I decide to give an extra gift to another special friend in my life). I write on the list what I want to make. I have another chapter in the book that shows all the gifts I have given to my regulars over the years. That way I don’t make a duplicate of the same gift! Sometimes the gift ideas change, and so I can make the change as the year goes on. I know.. I know…. I have my Mum to blame for this insane organization habit. For those of you who know Mum you can appreciate just how ORGANIZED this woman is!!! If I can be HALF as organized as her I would be happy! She never ceases to amaze me of her organization skills and talents!

I also managed to cut out 5 of the 8 Christmas tree skirts I have ready to make up and sell. I still have a few other ideas up my sleeve of projects I want to put together to sell. I am hoping to have everything ready by the last week of November or the first week of December. That is my goal.

At this time I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped me come up with a name in the new kitchen blog I plan to start up. I wrote down all the names Sunday night and stuck them in my purse. For the last couple of days I took my list out and let the names roll of my tongue to see which one felt the best. I made my decision. Congratulations to MANDY!!! She came up with the name “Scoffin’ It Up At Comfort Cove”. It was catchy and it also tells a lot about the Newfoundland Culture and our love of food. For those of you out there in Blog Land you do not understand the word “scoff”, it is a Newfoundland term for a big meal. In years gone by it mostly meant a big meal (or feed as we say here on the island). When you read the link I added here from the Official Newfoundland Dictionary (Yes we have our own distinct language), it says a scoff consisted of a meal either at sea or ashore that consisted of meat or a sea bird and vegetables (sometimes stolen from a neighbour’s field). I assure you that in this recipe blog all my ingredients will be purchased legally or given to me (as in our farmer friend)!!! This day and age, a 'scoff' is just known as having a big feast! If you are up for a good scoff then you might also be up for a good 'scuff'.. or in Newfuneze, a dance! So you can come here to Newfoundland for a good "scoff and a scuff" So CONGRATULATIONS again to Mandy! Please email me your mailing address and I will have your little pressie sent out to you this weekend!

I will get started on my new “Scoffin’ It Up in Comfort Cove” blog in the next few days. I will post a link once it goes live!

Tonight I have to ice my final cake for this course. Tomorrow night I will finish the first course. If I time things right I will get all my buttercream icing made up and the cake iced and still have some time left over to do a little sewing, but it's doubtful as it usually takes a couple hours in the kitchen making the icing and getting the cake ready. I guess my next night in the room will be on Thursday with the Thursday night sewing gals!

On another note, here is a really nice photo of Alexi that Trevor shot the other day!! It's a great photo of her, that is when she is not up to trouble! I'm now trying to come up with a cute halloween costume for her as we decided to host our first halloween party this year! Any ideas???

Quiltingly Yours



Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Comfort Cove Designs said...

Mandy I removed your comment as it also displayed your mailing address. For your protection and privacy it was removed.

I'll be in contact with you shortly.

Congratulations again!

Quiltingly Yours

Mandy said...

That's fine :) I couldn't find your email address to contact you! But all the same I'm moving in December so I didn't much care lol!!!

I'm not hung up on the whole world knowing my address as being bad thing. I mean we all use to have pen pals. I use to publish my address in the Downhomer and everything.

Although, I appreciate your concern! I can't wait to see my prize the excitement is killing me lol!