Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A week in Review

Tuesday AM (during late morning break at work)

The cake turned out not to bad in the end. I had meant to post after my class last Wednesday night but oh lucky me was stricken down once again with another cold! I took Thursday and Friday off work and spent most of those two days in bed or camped out on the couch with a quilt, my pooch and “Eclipse” the 3rd book in the Twilight series. I am a bit late reading this series, but I have to admit, I am hooked! I picked up the final book the other night and having a hard time keeping it down!

So yeah, my rainbow cake… so I went to class, with a brewing cold (but I soldiered on) and sat to the back of the class. So far everyone had a nicely iced cake (including sides) and no crumbs… I mumbled a few colourful words to myself and put my cake container under the table so no one would see my poor excuse. Yep.. seems I was going to be the “special ed” student of the class. I remember students of mine from years ago use to call themselves that. Two women in particular come to mind. I would set up my classroom tables in a horseshoe pattern so everyone could and chat with one another while quilting. These two particular women I speak of use to sit together in one of the corners. They had a ball in my classes and they would make so many silly little mistakes as they were too busy chatting and carrying on and not paying attention to what they were doing! They would call themselves my “special ed” students!! I miss those two women in my classes now. They haven’t been to one of my classes in some time, but we do still keep in touch from time to time..

Anyway, once again I am going off course… So yeah…. With my cake safely hidden below, we started our practicing of the star tip and making the first step of piping roses. Forty minutes left to the class, we had to take our cakes out and start decorating them. I swallowed my pride and opened the cake container…… Sigh……..I was the only one with a half naked cake on the table….. Yep I had a porn star cake!! But WAIT…. What do I see across the room???? Aha!!! A girl came late for class and she too has a porn star cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!! I was feeling better now and knew I could take on the cake world!!!!!!!!! I sat with a smile on my face and began making the hundreds of little stars that would make up the rainbow of my cake!!! I didn’t get to finish it in class, so I went home sick as I was and finished decorating the cake. I especially loved making the little 2D fluffy clouds. And I must say the clouds tasted the best!!!

Here is a photo of my porn star rainbow cake!!!!!!!!!

Last night I started my homework for this week’s class. I made up a lemon box cake (as the instructor says, it’s not about the cake, but the decorating so don’t get too crazy over making up some fancy cake)… I found out the reason why I couldn’t ice my cake well last week. Two reasons actually… first, the cake was too fresh. I had baked it and iced it within a few hours. Second, my thin consistency was still too thick. My cake has been cooling all last night and it is sitting still on my counter, wrapped up, and hopefully doggy proofed! I swear if I come home from work and the cake has come to it’s demise by one dog…. I kill the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep there could be a doggy murder here in St. John’s ……

On to quilting news, my sampler quilting class started this past weekend. As sick as I was, I managed to teach them their first two blocks. They seemed very excited to have their first block made, and are looking forward to next Saturday’s class. I will start to take pictures this weekend. So ladies, I know you read my blog, so be ready to have your photo taken and your fabrics and blocks too!!!

The “bling” wall hanging is almost finished. I got all the ribbons stitched down and the rod pocket is about to be sewn in place perhaps this evening (depending if I get all my icings made early). I will head out to Fabricville tomorrow afternoon to search for a nice chocolate brown fabric to bind my hanging with. I can’t wait to be able to get this on the wall and see all my ‘bling’!!! I love to wear the nice fancy colourful necklaces that are out in clothing stores. Reitmans got some awesome pieces. With this wallhanging in my little walk in closet I’ll be able to see my pieces much easier and I’ll have lots of room to buy more!!!!!!!! LOL

I also took out my list the other night to see what gifts I will be making for people this year for Christmas. I know where I am going with most of them and I just need to pick up a few more pieces of fabrics to get started. I also pulled fabrics for 8 tree skirts to make up and sell this season. I have a few fabrics to wash as they are brand new, but hopefully this Thursday night during our quilting night, I’ll get started on cutting them up and prepping them for assembly.

Tomorrow night is my cake class again so I will try to take photos when I come home from the class. This week we are making clowns…. Should be interesting. Keep your fingers crossed I have a fully clothed cake this week. I would hate to be arrested for an exposed cake!!

Tuesday in the pm

I made some of my parmesan herb scones. now I'm off to make my buttercream icings and cloth a naked cake..

ooh and on a further note, the dog did NOT eat the lemon cake today!! wooo hooo!

Quiltingly Yours


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