Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Productive Day and One to-be Strangled Dog

So I had a productive day in my kitchen yesterday.

I started around 12:30pm and I think I left it close to 10pm!

I think I did pretty good with my list from yesterday that I posted, though I still missed a few things. So this is what I accomplished!

2 chocolate zucchini loaves

1 partridgeberry loaf cake

1 big pan of lasagna

1 big pot of honey garlic meatballs

1 bowl of crunchie veggie salad for sandwiches

1 loaf of honey wheat bread

1 focaccia bread

(Trevor took a taste sample)!!

and now looking for a rope big enough to strangle one dog!!!

Don’t be surprised by those sweet innocent puppy eyes!

I had never made focaccia bread before and so I thought I would give it a whirl. It turned out really nice and the smell of the herbs was devine throughout the house! I placed my success lovingly on my dining room table (as I had no more room on my overflowing counters) and wrapped it carefully with one of my big baking cloths.

Mum invited me downstairs to her apartment for supper. She was making grilled salmon with her awesome crispy yet mushy potato bakes and grilled veggies. I decided to cut off some of that focaccia bread to have with supper. I headed downstairs to have supper. We were really enjoying our meal when I heard a large THUMP from upstairs! I knew Alexi was trying to get into something. So up the stairs I went. Normally Alexi would greet me when I come upstairs and give me loves for missing me while I was away. She was no where in sight! I finally found the culprit hiding behind the loveseat, with her head down and the look of GUILT all over that face!!! I turned to look at the dining room table. I also had the lasagna pan cooling on the table… seemed untouched.. then I noticed the victim! The bread cloth had been nosed back and she ate HALF!!!!!!!! That’s right HALF of my focaccia bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little bugger knew she did wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped and I was dumb struck!!!!!!! I’m still trying to figure out how she even got on the table. She can’t jump to it! I’m figuring she had it all planned out as soon as I left the room… she nudged the chair a little bit so she could climb up onto the seat. From there it was smooth sailing!!!!!!!

All day long she spent the day with me in the kitchen. She would find a nice sun beam on the floor and bask in it!

All that time she was coming up with a plan and the right time to make her criminal move!!!!!!!! And here I thought she just wanted to hang out with me!!!!!!! She didn’t care about me!!! It was the food that was on her mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be fooled by her cute innocent face!!! She ain't that innocent!


So tonight I hope to get back to the Sampler quilt and get a good chunk of it completed. I teach the class at the Shea Heights Community Centre a week from today. So for those of you in the St. John’s area and you are looking to take a quilting course, be sure to get in touch with the H.G.R. Mews Centre. The phone number is 576-8499. You can register over the phone.

I also have one more seat available for my private class here in my home. This same Sampler quilt will start at home on Saturday mornings, starting Sept. 19th from 9:30am – 12:30pm. For more information, please drop me an email!

Quiltingly Yours



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh Dear! Alexi made her move, eh? I love it that she knew she did something wrong, really wrong. You'll have to find a better resting place for the focaccia the next time you bake some....

Patchmaker said...

I'm surprised . . . that she didn't go for some lasagna too!

Anonymous said...

LOL. VERY smart pup you have there! Perhaps you need to try and get a refund from the training school (wink, wink).

limpingalong said...

Some friends went outside to take Easter pictures before eating. When they returned to the house they found their two dogs on the table, eating the Easter ham! One was standing in the mashed potatoes in order to get a better place to bite!
I think you got off easy -- it could have been the lasagna. lol
Poor puppy -- he is in the dog house now!