Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts

So I decided to spend today working on a few Christmas gifts. I find I have to start early as I have many gifts to make and I need lots of time to get them all done in time. I remember one year not that long ago that I left my gift making too late and one of my gifts I literally finished binding the placemats around 7pm Christmas Eve. I wrapped them up frantically before heading out to visit friends and family before Midnight Mass. Those placemats were opened around 10 that night!!!!! I decided then and there to NEVER leave things to the very last minute again!

I've decided to make a bunch of Christmas tree skirts as a few gifts. I made the tops of them back in February or March of this year, and then put them aside to work on something else. Now I have started layering and quilting them.

I have been on my machine for the last couple of hours, and just taking a little break before going at it again. Here is just one of the ones I am working on. It's a little bit wrinkly but then it has been folded up for a few months. I have since pressed it out nice and smooth before I layered it. I have a little more quilting to do on this little darling and it's ready for binding. I will work on it for another hour before going out to Costco to get a few groceries and then Trevor and I have been invited to Mum's for supper tonight.

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