Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting There

So today, I decided to work a little more on how to make a blog of my own and to customize it a little more to my liking. Eventually I would like to add more quilty looking things to the background, maybe something like a fabric background or something. The last time I worked with HTML was in university and that was a few years ago now. This is definetely a learning curve for me. Ahh, but I am up for the challenge :)

So, today I added a new colour look to my page, and learned how to add a photo to the corner. I also learned how to add photos to my posts as you will see below.

I thought I would share with everyone the quilt I made for my boyfriend Trevor. You see, I have learned in the almost year and a half we have been together that he is the biggest Van Halen fan I ever met! He had been after me for a year now to make him a quilt. Little did he know that I started doing the research and the collecting of fabrics and such for this quilt since Christmas! I wanted to make him a real one of a kind quilt.

Last year he and his good buddy, Jody, went to see the big Van Halen Renunion Concert in Toronto. They took a few photos and they had a great time. When he returned, while he was working, I would sneak into his computer and copy some of those photos to my own external portable harddrive. Over the following months, I ordered the funky guitar fabric off eBay, as well as sew on patches from the rock group. I then photo transfered various photos of the band from the present to their big hair days in teh 80's.

August 28th, was his birthday. He had no idea what was in the big gift wrapped box. He was very suprised and very happy. Here are the photos below.


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