Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Its been a busy weekend so far. Last night the sewing gals met up at Mum's for our annual Christmas shopping excursion downtown St. John's. Every year we meet up around supper time where Mum makes this AMAZING supper for us and then we all pile in the car and head downtown to look stroll in and out of all the nice little specialty stores. One of my new favourite stores is called Posie Row. They have the coolest and stylish hats in there. Not to mention awesome bling!!! yep I love jewelery! I found this sweet little red stone ring and it was calling my name!!! So of course, had to buy it!

I also found some really nice stocking stuffers for Trevor's. I can't say what they are right now, as he has been known to visit my blog from time to time.

So we haven't put the tree up yet and it won't be this weekend either. This is Trevor's weekend to work 3 overnight shifts in a row. When he gets home he tends to nap for much of the day and just relax before having to work again. He will be off next weekend, so more than likely we will start setting up the tree and decorating. I can't wait to get the place looking Christmasy!

But I did start making my Christmas jam tonight. I make this really yummy jam every Christmas to give out as little gifts to co-workers, and close friends and family. I made one batch tonight and got 8 1/2 jars out of it. We will keep the 1/2 jar for ourselves. I will try to put on another batch sometime this week. I don't really have a recipe for it as I haven't looked at the recipe in years and don't even know where it is anymore! I tend to use my own measurements in my head and it hasn't failed me yet! There are only three main ingredients, strawberries, cranberries and the biggest navel orange I can find. I chop up my fruit and let it boil in a pot for a while until the fruit begins to mush and then I throw in some sugar til I get it the right sweetness I like and the fruit pectin. They are now cooling on the counter in the jars. Eventually I will decorate them with pretty Christmas ribbons before giving them away.

I also made another batch of my cheese/herb scones to have for breakfast in the morning. Trevor loved them so much the first time I made them, I thought I would surprise him with some for his breakfast when he gets home from work. I posted that recipe last month sometime. We love them and I know I will be making them many many more times!

During our sewing night Thursday night past, I never got to stitch a single stitch. I spent the evening sitting on the floor with the two quilts that I'll be teaching after Christmas and writing out the fabric requirements for each project. I had to have them typed up with photos attached to pass into the city community centre as registration begins on Monday, Dec. 8th. So for any of my students out there reading this, don't forget if you wish to get into either of those classes, registration is Monday! You know how to get in touch with me by phone or email if you have any questions!

Anyway, so as I laid the quilts out on the floor to take measurements and count squares for fabric yardage, THIS is what I had to put up with!!! Lil Miss Mew just has to have her paws into everything, quilts especially. She is of the understanding that all quilts are hers!!! She gives her paw of approval on every piece I make! She turned 15 back in September and she is a spoiled old cat! She is the queen of my Mother's household, and Mum is her main servant! She is a tiny little thing and light as a feather. She is not one to be picked up, in fact she hates it. But we do manage once in a blue moon to get her in our arms.

This little girl has to be in the middle of it all when it comes to quilts! And of course you can't possibly take a photo of a quilt without her stretched off! Lil Queen Sheeba herself!!
Ohh, this is the Double Irish Chain Quilt I'm teaching.

I plan to post again tomorrow evening. Tomorrow I get to FINALLY open my big parcel from my Secret Santa! I have had this package sitting looking at me for about a week now. Although I managed to save myself from some insanity as I left the parcel down to my Mother's home therefore the temptation wasn't too much. I knew I would just tear that sucker apart! I took the parcel home with me tonight after spending the day grocery shopping and other errands. I have to wait a few more hours until we all meet in the quilting forum I go to,, where we all open our gifts from our Secret Santas together!! I'll be taking lots of photos!

So until then, its now just after 1:30am and I am dead dog tired. Not to mention I think I stood for too long in the kitchen tonight and my back and neck muscles are screaming at me to rest them! I should listen to my body! So I'm off to bed for a few hours. I also hope to get in a few hours of sewing Sunday.

Quiltingly Yours


Sand and Sunshine said...

Hi Aggi, I always forget that my board name isn't the same name as my blogger name, it's Elizabeth A. from the quilting board.

Your Chain looks beautiful. Did you enter it in Karla's contest? I don't remember seeing it. :)

Your mother's cat is beautiful, I love how your pictures so the quilt draped around her. She doesn't look 15, hopefully she has many years of spoiling ahead of her.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Hi Elizabeth!! So happy to see you! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you come back again soon!