Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tired of Taking Med

I am having another bad day of pain in my right shoulder and arm. Yep all from the accident! This will be a shorter note today as typing is a bit difficult, but I knew I probably wouldn't get another message on here for another couple days.

I felt the pain coming on yesterday, but just took things slow at work and continued working through all the paperwork and pushing papers from one pile to another pile. I felt okay this morning on my way to work and seemed okay working away. But by lunch time I could feel the pain getting a little more intense. By end of day I was in agony.

When I did get home, I was at the kitchen sink fillin it up with water to clean out a couple messy dishes from this morning, then went to drain it.... seems the pipes decided to stop working. I had to clear out everything under the sink and clean up all the water dribbling down from the pipes in floods! Needless to say, it hasn't been a good day. :(

I plan to put some heat to this neck and shoulder after this posting and take it easy tonight.. That means no pulling out the sewing machine or any hand stitching.. sigh..... I'm pretty much up to speed on my Christmas gifts and only have 1 1/2 left to complete. After that I can just sit back and get back to working on my other projects including my crumb quilt.

Last night I taught my last quilting class for the season. My students were working away on their Christmas tree skirts. Two of them managed to get their quilting and binding sewn, one gal managed to layer hers and then decided to start making a second one. My other two girls were still sewing their skirts together. They had a couple slight hiccups, but they are back on track again and working away happily on their tree skirts.

I thought I would also share with you the classroom I teach from. I work with the City's Recreation Centre. I have been teaching with them for the last 4 years, and lovin' it. After everyone left, I took some photos of how my classroom looks. I put away all the ironing boards, irons, cutting mats and electrical extension cords, so it wouldn't look so messy. I also took these photos so next year someone will be setting up my classroom before my classes as there will be other courses going on in this room next year. I am unable to set up the classroom myself with an injured back and neck, so I will send these photos to my supervisor so she knows how I like to have my room. Anyway, here it is. We can sit about 10 of us quite comfortably. Each person has their own 6' table to work on, and we also have a little tea/coffee station set up for anyone who wishes to take a little break.

oooh I also managed to finish this little cutie. I decided I am going to make a different and cute pin cushion for Mum's stocking every Christmas. I thought I would start it out with this little turtle pin cushion. He was so much fun to make!

He is about5-6" in length. He also has a cute teeny tiny tail!

Well as much as I would love to ramble on more about what I have been doing in my projects, I will have to keep it for another post. Right now my shoulder is screaming at me to stop typing and rest! I had a very productive weekend past and finished a couple more gifts including this turtle. I hope to be back to my sewing very soon again!

Til Next Time!!

Quiltingly Yours


Anonymous said...

Love the pincushion. It's nice and big, and just what I have been looking for. Please tell us where you got the pattern. -Take care of yourself. I've heard that heat pads can relieve some pain.

Karen said...

The pincushion is so very cute!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Your blog feels so different than when I visted the first time! You've done a wonderful job. I didn't know you taught quilting?!?! Good for you.

Oh before my life pulls me away your turtle is adorable.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Rosaline... I meant to check for that pattern when I went down to Mum's place last night and I forgot..soooooo sorry. I'll be down that way again next Thursday and I'll check it then. It is either a Butterick or a Simplicity pattern. It also has a cute Victorian boot, the turtle, a cupcake, and many more cute pin cushions!!

Thanks so much for the nice comments Jessica's Mom! I am loving putting this blog together and adding different things to it! Please come back and visit again soon!

Bea said...

Cute turtle pincushion - I love pincushions!!! :-)))
Happy quilting