Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rainy Saturday

I swear the sky is falling today! We have had heavy heavy rain all day today. I headed to my class this morning and the rain was just pelting down. It is now 8pm and the rain just hasn't stopped! The roads outside the condo windows are filling up with more and more water. Some drivers are just not taking any precautions and just flying down the street. There is one main road outside our window.. well once you look past the drug store you can see the traffic. It is a fairly busy road any time of the day. I have seen cars flying down that road all day spraying up so much water you can't see the cars! They are practically on water skis than tires!

So yeah, today my girls who were making the Christmas table runner finished their last class. What gorgeous runners they made too!! Take a look at their great work!

Here is Virginia. She is still working on her sashing and borders.

Next is Gloria. She didn't have a quilting foot for her machine, but she used her regular foot, opened out the stitch length a bit, and she did a great job for her first time!

This is Cathy's runner. She is a bit camera shy, so she jumped out of the photo before I took it. She had a gorgeous colour combination of fabrics for her runner. Very dramatic!

This is Debbie. I just love how she used a beautiful mottled Christmas green for her background fabrics to make up this gorgeous runner

This is Marilyn. She decided to make her runner reversible. Marilyn added a very pretty Autumn fabric as her backing. Smart girl! She will now get more than the Christmas season from this table runner

Here is Glenda machine quilting her pretty runner. She used some very sweet and festive prints to make her runner. She says she is cutting out more of these runners to make up as gifts.

And of course the group shot. From left to right:
Gloria, Marilyn, Glenda, Debbie, Cathy and Virginia. Great job girls!! Hope to see you in the new year for more quilting!

Thursday night during our sewing group, I managed to get back to my crumb quilt. I managed to get the other two remaining crumbs made up. I mentioned some time ago that when I put all the blocks down on the floor I was short by two crumb blocks. They are now finished and I started sewing the rows together. I have 4 rows sewn up, and I think I have another 10 more to go.
Here is what I have done so far.

After we all finished sewing for the night we always stop and have tea and dessert before we all head home. This week Theresa offered to bring dessert and ooh dear mercy what a dessert she brought!! Get a load of this bad boy!

This was a three layer chocolate cake with filling between each layer. Theresa said the frosting consisted of cream cheese, white chocolate and REAL butter!! so not fattening at all right!!! LOL

The topping consisted of pecans, dried apricots, dried cranberries, raisins and orange slices. These were all boiled in a delicious syrup then decorated on the top of the cake and along the sides!!! We all had generous slices, and all needed stretchers to get us out from the table!

A running joke now with our sewing group is that we have to bring back slices to our sweeties at home. Trevor now asks me before I even go to sewing what dessert will be this week and if I'll be bringing home a slice to him. This week he told me not to come home unless I brought him home dessert!!! He even joked that he wanted the first slice to be his and placed in a container to take home. So me being silly made a video of Mum cutting the cake and making sure the first slice was put to the side for Trevor! But by the end of the night, once we had our slices and everyone brought home slices to their sweeties, there was still a nice chunk of cake left. Mum took a piece and then she gave me the remaining quarter of the cake to take home. When I got home, poor Trevor, still sick with the flu, did manage to find the strength to eat a slice of the cake and just loved it. I told him I wanted to come home again and since Mum didn't want to me to be sleeping out on the street that night, she gave me the rest of the cake to take home. He smiled at me and said "You did good"!! LOL What a nut! Trevor just looooooooooves homemade desserts! He loves Mum's cooking and baking!!! He joked with her tonight on the phone that she should make him up a big turkey dinner since he was soo sick! Good thing she doesn't take him serious!!! LOL

Poor fella, I hope he gets rid of this cold soon. He is getting so sick of being sick. He is also getting a serious case of cabin fever. He has no appetite and he is so tired of his runny nose and having no energy.

So tonight, I plan to get back to my Christmas gifts. I plan to get in some good sewing/quilting tonight and all day tomorrow, Sunday. I did manage to get another quilting foot this week, so I'm not so frantic about not getting my gifts made in time. So tonight I shall relax, sew away happily, put on a movie while I'm working away and enjoy a nice glass of red wine I picked up today. One of my favourite wines is Shiraz. I picked up the Australian Yellow Tail, one of my favourites!

So on that note, I shall publish this post and then get back to my sewing machine. I want to feel somewhat productive before the end of this weekend!

oooh Marsha, don't forget to post anytime now that I mentioned how to do it! Marsha is one of my very good friends and Thursday night sewing buddies! A challenge we have decided to do together first thing in 2009 is start up our full size Trapunto quilts.!!! Can't WAIT!

Quiltingly Yours


Sewhappy said...

Sew excited about the Trapunto quilt! I am putting the binding on the runner that I am doing for Todd's mom now and he is very excited that I am going to do a quilt in this style for our bed.I also need to requilt that quilt for my friend.

My turn next week for dessert, though that is going to be a hard act to follow, maybe someone else should go! LOL! I will try to live up to the standards that Theresa has now set for us. Needless to say, I am not bringing a cake!

The runners are beautiful! And what a clever idea to make one reversible, now my wheels are turning.

Looking forward to Thursday for my wild night out, as my friends call it, but hey, I err on the side of danger. After all, pins and needles are sharp. And with all the running with sissors, Wild gals we are.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

LOL yes indeed we are the wild gals running with scissors!!!!!! Yes I agree Theresa made one amazing cake! And so filling too!! But I know you made awesome food too... I loved that Chocolate Zucchini cake you made, as did Trevor! I have to make that cake myself now!

So nice to see you here Marsha!! I'll be posting again very soon.. Possibly even tonight! We are going to the Santa Claus parade this afternoon! Then home to get back to my projects!

Anonymous said...

>I love seeing photos where the same pattern is used, but the sewers select their own fabrics. I often wonder if the fabric choices reflect the individual's personality. Anyway, perhaps you could let your students know their work is greatly appreciated by the quilt blogging world. Great work and great runners.
>I read the account you gave of your traffic accicent. It amazes me how you survived that!
>Also read about the sale of your tree skirts. You must be a great sewer to have people snatch them up so quickly.
>Last comment. I'm curious to know why you're attracted to crumb quilts. I find them interesting but never had any desire to make one. Is there some sort of Zen going on, or do like seeing the colors coming together, or is there something else??? As usual I'm curious as to why people make the pattern selections they do.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Hi Rosalie!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

I will certainly pass along to my students your comments about the quilting blogging world looking at their projects and enjoying the various colour combinations!

As for the car accident, yes we were all very very lucky to get out of that mess still in tact... well breathing.. we all still have our bad days, but since the accident I'm slowly getting more good days than bad. That's a good sign I say!

As for my interest in crumb blocks, I got the inspiration from Bonnie's website, She makes many scrap quilts and one of them was making crumbs into a quilt. I was just inspired by her use of using up all those little pieces you would throw away thinking they were too small to use up! Now my students are giving me their crumbs. When they see my crumb blocks they like to see how I used some of their crumbs they gave me in my quilts! Once I finish this quilt, I'll be looking for another crumby idea for a quilt!

I ended up selling all the tree skirts I made! I was very excited! I plan to get back to making my one of a kind flip flop tote bags in the new year for the touristy resort/cruise ship season. I also plan to start something new. I designed my own heirloom pillow cases and am going to try my hand at marketing those. Well I have to make them up first!! So keep an eye out for those too! Hopefully I will have something set up to sell online!

I hope you come back to visit!

Quiltingly Yours

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the table runners and what fabrics your students chose. It never ceases to amaze me how one pattern can look so different depending on the fabrics/colours that are chosen......