Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Extended Long Weekend Plans

I decided to make this an extra long weekend for myself. Since Tuesday is Veteran's Day and a recognized day off from work here in Newfoundland, I decided to take Monday off work as well to enjoy a nice 4 day long weekend.

I started my long weekend with meeting up with Mum for our bi-weekly "Friday night girls night out" with dinner and a movie. Since Remembrance Day is around the corner, we decided to see the Canadian film "Passchendaele" starring Canadian actor and drop dead gorgeous Paul Gross. It was a very moving true story of a man from Calgary, Alberta who served in the First World War. There was no "Hollywood" theatrics or glamour to this movie. The movie really portrayed what it must have been like for the men who fought in the war and the nurses and doctors who were there close to the front lines. I enjoyed it very much even with the gore and body parts flying. Hey thats what happened, so no sense in sugar coating it. At the end of the movie while the credits were showing, old video footage played of soldiers taking time out to be filmed, being silly in one scene, running and shooting through the trenches next scene and carrying comrades on stretchers to the hosptial stations. Singer Sarah Slean sang this gorgeous song that was written for the movie. I felt myself getting so caught up in the lyrics and wondering if any of the men in the video footage managed to come home after the war. I was very moved and could feel the tears begin to form. I think of what these men and women did to give us the world of freedom we are so lucky to have now. I highly recommend anyone to see this movie. I know you will be touched the same way I did.

This morning, I got up at my usual Saturday morning time to get ready to head to my quilting class. Today was the last day for my Crazy Patch Quilting Course. They all did a fine job of their quilts. Some of them really enjoyed making it, while others felt they preferred a more structured quilt design. They promised me though they will finish their quilts! I'll want to see proof girls!!! :) Here is a photo of them showing off their beautiful quilts!

From Left to Right are Ginny, Shirley, Glenda, Marsha (my sewing buddy and good friend), Susan, Joanne, Shirley, and the gal on the far right is yours truly!

You will be seeing more of Ginny and Glenda and Shirley in the weeks to come as they are also signed up for my Christmas Tree Skirt and my Table Runner courses.

This afternoon after class, I met up with Mum to head out of town to Whitbourne to go to a little shop out that way that sells beautiful fabrics one tiny corner of their general store. The fabrics are beautiful and the prices are fantastic!! So I ended up buying 10 metres! Here is a photo of my little haul!

I have plans for pretty much all these pieces except the two orange fabrics. I was running low on brighter oranges in my stash and so I took the remaining 3/4 metres that were left of those bolts. I know they will come in handy for Fall projects down the road. The rust/brown piece to the left I thought would be a nice fabric to put into a quilt for Trevor. I told him this evening I got it for him and so he says he would like to choose the quilt pattern himself for me to make. I'm good with that! The beige on the left and the rose on the far right, well sorry I can't tell you what those are for as its a secret.. shhhhh.... It will be going into a Christmas gift. And I can't say what I'm making yet as I know this girl visits my blog from time to time!! I will take photos of it when it is done, but will show you the finished product once she receives it.
As for the cream tone on tone, it has a beautiful little design in it, and I will use this as the plain squares I intend to sew between each of my crumb blocks. I will be putting that quilt on the diagonal, so I made sure to get 3 metres of it.

Every now and then I love to play with the super macro feature of my camera. I just love how you can see the grain in the fabrics in this shot! I want to do more macros of my sewing notions and fabrics soon. I am thinking a close up of my threads would be really cool to try.

Thursday night past, I took my Christmas Mystery Table Runner to sew at our Thursday night sewing group at Mum's place. I am happy to report.... IT'S FINISHED!!!! WOOO HOOO!

Tonight, Trevor is back to work another overnight shift. I do miss him when he is gone at nights. But saying that I also get to mess up the place a bit with all my fabrics, patterns, ironing boards, notions etc. in the living room, dining room and spare room/computer room! LOL.. Poor fella, he reads my blog too from time to time. He likes to see me working away on my projects. He often asks me if I ever get tired of sewing or buying fabrics... I turn to him and ask him if he evers gets tired of surfing the Internet or playing video games.... Same answer as me.. NOPE!!! .... He really likes a neat and organized home, but sometimes I just throw him off his neatness grove will all my sewing stuff everything!!! I even take over the computer room too when he is gone, even the computer table has stuff on it!!!! He would never be able to play his games or sur or sit in his chair.. yep that too sometimes has stuff on it!!! LOL. So the nights he works over night, I just break out all my stuff into a big quilting frenzy!! Hey.. it's organized chaos to me!! Love you sweetie!!! There is another quilt in your future!!! :)

Well I had hoped to share with you two more recipes I made this week, but I have babbled on long enough here this evening. So I will post them tomorrow night. So that being said, I see by the clock on the wall it is 11:45pm. I think I'm going to schoochie down under some quilts and head off to bed. Tomorrow is another fun filled and productive day!!!

Quiltingly Yours


QuiltNut Creations said...

love the fabrics and your runner is fabulous!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Looks like you've had some fun! Love your Christmas Mystery Table Runner!
I enjoyed seeing what different colours your students used in their crazy quilt projects too. cheers, QGB