Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday... My Favourite Day of the Week

I just love Sundays! One of my favourite things to do when I first wake up after a nice long sleep in is to stay in bed for a little while to read my book. I have been doing this for years now. To me Sunday is my day of rest. No work, no stress, just relaxing and enjoying things around me for a few hours before starting up the hectic work week all over again Monday morning.

This morning after reading another chapter of my book, I got up heated up one of the remaining two savoury scones I made last week (recipe is a few blog posts ago), with a cup of joe. I began checking my emails and THEN....ooh then I went to the Connecting Threads website. $100 later my order is now processing and I'll received some more goodies in a couple weeks time. Mum told me the new Connecting Threads catalog arrived in the mail and she thumbed through it choosing some things she wanted to order. So between her order and mine we got some really nice goodies coming. One thing I CAN'T wait to make is this bad boy! This will be the perfect bag to take back and forth to my classes. I'll be able to hold alot of STUFF in this one! And if I can't fit everything in it that I want, then there is something seriously wrong with me LOL

Today I am going to my friend's Home and Gift party she is hosting at her place. I have never gone to one of those parties. I have been to the Epicure parties, the Party Lite parties, and the Pampered Chef parties (heck I was a Pampered Chef consultant in my other life)!!! Remember... my other passion is playing in the kitchen. I had to find a way to get as many kitcheny gadgets as possible! I have heard of things that are with the Home and Gift parties, so I'm sure I'll find something. Perhaps I'll look for something Christmasy or if they sell kitcheny things, perhaps I'll find a gadget or two I don't have but GOTTA have!

Speaking of kitcheny gadgets, while shopping with Mum yesterday afternoon we went to one of our favourite shops, Paderno. sigh..... ooh the things I would love to have from that store! I saw some GORGEOUS cake molds of different shapes, themes and sizes! I saw beautiful dishes to display out while entertaining, funky gadgets, stone ware, and and and... sigh... me thinks I'll need to put the bee in Trevor's bonnet to head over there for some Christmasy gifts or nice stocking stuffers... Trevor I know you read my blog from time to time (such a sweetie.. I love him to bits)!!! HINT HINT..... Nudge Nudge!!! :) oooh and and Gift Certificates from Connecting Threads would be nice too! I know you don't know what I have or need, so an online gift certificate would be very cool!!

Okay, enough of the arm nudging.... I taught my second class of the Table Runners yesterday morning. I meant to take my camera along. I had it laid out with my other bags and gear to take to class, but while running out the door late, the camera stayed on the couch. :( Next week is their last class and I'll be sure the camera is the FIRST thing to go in the bag. Their runners are looking FABULOUS!!! Yesterday they added the sashing and borders to their blocks. Next weekend they will layer, quilt and bind their runners. They are really excited and enjoying their class.

Tomorrow night is my 2nd class of the tree skirts. They are still in the assembly mode, but by next week they will be ready to layer and quilt those too.

This evening after the Home and Gift party I hope to take out the sewing machine and start working on completing one of the gifts I am making for one of my friends this Christmas. I have all the embellishing work done, now its time to put all the pieces together.

Well I best get my day started. Its 12 noon, I am still in my pjs and need to grab a shower and start putting away and cutting up all the meat I bought at Costco yesterday. WE have food again for another couple months. The fun part will be figuring out how to strategically place all the meat in the fridge freezer and keep the door closed!!! sigh.. I miss my deep freeze. :( After that its off the Home and Gift party, then home, grab some supper and set up the machine for a productive gift making evening!

Til Next Time!

Quiltingly Yours

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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Connecting Threads is a fun website to look at that's for sure! Thanks also for posting the scone and muffin recipes. I can't wait to try them!