Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Over the Hump

ahhh alas it is Wednesday evening.. over the work week hump... I swear my job is getting busier and busier with each passing day. But you know I LOVE IT that way! I love the chaos and the workload and the work I do. So all is good. But mind you I do look forward all that much more for the weekend and to relax. So 2 more sleeps to the weekend!

So tell me, what is it with men? When they get a cold, life as they know it is over! The world is falling apart, they are on their death bed and ready to take their last breath! Trevor felt a touch of a cold last night. He had the sniffles and was just feeling blah. He went to bed early (which right there I knew he wasn't feeling well... he always stays up late). When he got up this morning for work he was still feeling crappy. I figured once he had his shower and headed to work he would be okay. When I came home from work, I figured I would be home alone until 10 tonight when he would finish his work day. He was home on the couch with his pillow and quilts wrapped up around his neck. Seems he can't talk to me either as he has a very sore throat. So he communicates to me by first knocking on the coffee table and then playing charades cause he just can't talk! I tell you it took me the longest time to figure out he wanted a plate of nachos for supper!!! LOL So for the next few days he will be on his 'last leg', and once he gets his voice back whining cause he is sooooooooooooo sick!!! For now though I will enjoy the silence and will jeer him on!! :) Yes I really am a loving girlfriend to him, but we do love to get each other on the go whenever we can for some good fun!

Now as women, if we get a cold, we have to still get up, get ready for work, get the kids ready (if this applies to you.. I still don't have kids), get breakfast, get to work, put in a full day, come home make up supper.. take care of kids homework (again if applicable), and pretty much take on the world!! We dont' have time to whine and moan!!! Not fair I say!!! :)

So I had hoped to give you some photos of some finished projects I had planned to do this week but I had a little hiccup.. well at the time it was a HUGE hiccup! I broke my quilting foot! I began to freak out!! Poor Trevor... he thought I lost my best friend... actually yeah I kind of did!! I have about 4 weeks to get my projects completed to before Christmas and can't be without my quilting foot!!! And to make it worse, we don't have a Husqvarna dealer here in the city anymore! I was getting frantic. Out of complete desperation, I got in touch with my Singer dealer contact (I send alot of business his way with my students) I asked him if there was any possible chance of finding this foot for me and how soon he could get it in. I called him Monday morning. He said he could have it for me by this Friday...oooh I sure do hope so... I really need that foot to finish some work.. In the meantime I managed to complete those two Chistmas dolls... They are no longer naked and have hair now! LOL I will post photos of them once they have arrived to their new owners in the swap I am doing. I also managed to sew up a Turtle shaped pin cushion. I have to get some stuffing for him. Once he is made I will take his photo. I decided this year was the year I would start making a different pin cushion to put in Mum's stocking every year!

Well its after 6pm here and I best get the nachos on for supper or poor ole Trevor will not only be sick with the cold but starving to death :) LOL

Quitlingly Yours

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