Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

We didn't have many kids come to our door this year. I think I might have answered the door 5 or 6 times. We didn't have many kids come last year either, so this year I made sure we just had one small bag of candy. In the end I still ate more of the bag than gave out to kids LOL.

I decided to get a little creative this year again and made a little treat to take to work. I baked one of my favourite decadent chocolate cakes in the shape of a pumpkin. The crew I worked with did justice to it, and I don't think there was even two crumbs left!

Here is my first experience decorating a pumpkin shaped cake. I added two sliced pieces of black jube jubes for his eyes. I meant to take a photo of the cake with the black eyes, but got caught up with something at my desk and by the time I got to the cake, half of it was gone!!! LOL

Here are a few of the characters I have to deal with at work!!!
Left is one of our housing officers, Ed. Although I kept calling him Billy Ray all day long!! He is hanging out with our corporation's chairman, Len Simms who decided to come as Willie Nelson. What you don't see in the photo is a little child's guitar he has strung around him. He kept singing "To all the girls I loved before"! Too too funny!

Gale is in her Captain Morgan outfit. She is our receptionist and good friend of mine at work. Standing next to her is another one of our Housing Officer's, Rowena Bugden.

Here is Wayne Follett in his 80's mullet hair fashion. Nope those are not real tattoos, but arm bands that go right up his arms. He has his arm around another fellow Housing Officer, Nora Hanlon, who I think went as Morticia from Addams Family!

Sipping her morning witches brew!

Hopefully next year I will dress up. I had hoped to this year, but had an outside meeting in one of our housing neighbourhoods. When I got back from that, I wasn't at my desk 15 minutes but left again for a luncheon for a gentleman in our company whom we gave a retirement party for. He worked 38 years with the NL Housing Corporation. That afternoon there was a big reception party for this man and our Minister of Housing with the provincial government was there to celebrate and give his speech to the retiree too. I had planned to go as Little Red Riding Hood. I keep my fingers crossed that next year there are no appointments or meetings on Halloween!

Well I am off to get a little Wii Dance Dance Revolution workout in and then going to try hand binding the table runner I seem to have been talking about for ages and still haven't shared any photos with you all!!!

Quiltingly Yours

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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi Andrea, just discovered your blog. You and I started our blogs on the exact same date...how funny is that!
Love the pics of your ladies' quilts from the class you teach and also your Halloween pics too! Cheers, QGB