Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bit of This... A Bit of That

I haven't really done alot of one thing the last couple of days. Actually to tell you the truth, I find lately once I come home from a day at work, I am a zombie and just have no energy after supper is done and the dishes cleaned to do anything else! Maybe it's also the cold cold BITTER freezing temperatures we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks that is causing this blah feeling. The temperatures with windchill have reached about -27 degrees celsius BRrrrrrrrrrrrr... I know up in Labrador they are having to live with almost -50!!!! I noticed on the news last week that schools were closed in that part of the province as it was too cold for children to be going back and forth to school in those frigid temperatures! Exposed skin can freeze in minutes!!! I hope this cold snap ends soon!! I hate the cold!

I have had to force myself to do something the last couple of evenings. Sunday night I managed to get most of the January Country Calendar BOM block completed. If Mum didn't come over to visit this evening, I would have tried to complete it, perhaps tomorrow. I only have to add the borders and embroider the Month on the block. I really want to complete this block before the month is out.

The other project I wanted to get working on was getting the Double Irish Chain Quilt layered and ready for quilting. I managed to get most of it basted.

I would have had it all completed if it wasn't for spending about an hour ordering fabrics from Thousands of Bolts for my one of a kind flip flop bags I am getting ready to make up and sell again this year. I also had a wonderful 45 minute chat with my friend Marsha. She asked me if I received the latest Connecting Threads Catalog. Up to last night I didn't but wished I did as she told me some of the new kits and fabrics and patterns available. But lo and behold my beautiful magazine arrived!!!!!!!! ooooooooh the stuff I wanted to buy!

By the way those post it notes are not mine!!! Mum took a glance through the book tonight and picked out the things she wanted to order! I love having a Mum with an addiction for quilting like I have!

ANYWAY, getting sidetracked, so yeah, by the time 11pm came last night I just didn't have it in me to finish basting the quilt. Not to mention I got caught up watching the tv series 24. I am not a tv person, and could care less if the old 'boob tube' as my Mum once called it is even on! Trevor told me about the show and how good it is. I decided to see what all the hype was about and now I hate to see the hour over and the show done for another week!! Awesome show!!!!!!

So hopefully I will only need another15-20 minutes and the quilt will be basted and ready for free motion quilting! I can't WAIT to get started on it again!

It's hard to tell if we are going our sewing group will meet this Thursday night as forecast is calling for a snow storm. hmmmm I wonder if this could mean a snow day??? I would really love a day to sleep in during the week, then get up and sew all day and all night! We still have another month and a half or so left of the winter season, so we might get a snow day yet!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Well its 11:30pm here. I had every intention to getting to bed earlier tonight, but well that didn't happen! So I am off to la la land now. I have another fun filled work day ahead of me in the morning.

Quiltingly Yours


Patchmaker said...

We're in the deep freeze here in NS too . . . but take heart . . . hubby talked to an "old timer" from NFLD the other day who promised that February will be warm & nice for the maritimes. Here's hoping he's right!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Patchmaker, I sure hope your hubby's "old timer" friend is right :) We tend to get nasty weather in February and March around here!