Monday, January 12, 2009

Still Here

I didn't plan or mean to be a week before posting another thread, but I guess life gets in the way sometimes and the things you want to do have to be postponed.

This past week saw me taking down two Christmas trees (ours and Mum's), meetings at work, the craziness of work, organizing things I want to take care of this year, one dinner party at Mum's place, and of course my sewing! Whew!!!

Yeah so I am close to finishing the free motion quilting of my Gentleman's Fancy quilt. I just have about 6-8 more designs to quilt along the borders and then to add the binding. My goal for this evening is to complete the quilting of the quilt, remove all the basting threads and tidy up all the thread strings. By tomorrow night I want to get the binding machine binded to one side. I will then take my time and hand bind the other side. Hopefully by the weekend I can complete this project. I am making this project as the one to complete for this month.

My next project is to get started on cutting the fabrics for the Double Irish Chain quilt I am making Trevor's parents for their wedding anniversary this coming March. I have made several of these quilts, and know they are a good easy quilt to assemble. And of course I want to play more with free motion quilting! I found this really nice Celtic Knot design to try out.

Here is a photo of the fabrics I plan to use in this quilt. This will be a double size quilt. I want to do something nice along the borders too. I'll figure that out when the time comes.

Thursday night we will start up our Quilting Night at Mum's place again for the new year. Myself and Marsha will get a start on our Trapunto Quilts, and Theresa plans to start a Trapunto Table Runner. Mum hopes to layer a quilt, and I'm not sure yet what Kelly has planned for her next project. We are all looking forward to getting back into the swing of our quilting nights again.

Well if I plan to see my goal through of finishing the quilting of my quilt tonight, I best kick myself into gear and get back into quilting mode again.

Til next time!

Quiltingly Yours

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