Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Double Irish Chain Status

I have made this quilt many many times, but I have to say this is the first time I have put this quilt together as quick as this! I started this quilt Saturday night. All I have left to do is sew on the borders!

This is the Double Irish Chain quilt that I am making for Trevor's parents. They are celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary this coming March. His father asked me over the holidays if I would make a quilt for his wife as a gift. I made them a Christmas tree skirt for Christmas this year and she loved it. She said she would love to have a quilt one day. Mr. B (Best) knew then what he would like to give his wife for their anniversary.

Here are the two blocks that make up the quilt.

Here is the quilt so far, minus the borders

Hopefully if I feel up to it later after supper (I have been under the weather the last couple days and resting at home) I hope to have the borders on. I will be putting on a small rust border and a larger beige border so I can show more of the quilting I want to do with it. The ideas have been going crazy through my head how I want to quilt this. I can't wait to start the free motion quilting on this baby!

I have been hmmming and hawing over some snowman BOMs and having a really difficult time deciding which one to go with. I love them all, but only plan to do one of them. I was hoping you all could help me out with my decision process. Here are the quilts:

The Snowman Collector

Hot Chocolate

Blizzard Bunch

Family Renunion

I appreciate all help you can give me! If some of you out there have made any of these quilts, let me know! I would like to applique by hand as I love the hand method over machine.

I hope to order the BOM by this weekend if possible! I Loooooooove Snowmen and really want to make one of these quilts!

Well I think I'm going to lie down for a little bit, maybe watch some of the Obama Inauguration. I am not an American but hey it is an historical moment for that country for sure! I was looking at some of the coverage on CNN this morning while wrapped up in a quilt on the couch and they figure some 2,000,000 people will be there! It was amazing watching the cameras pan over the crowds!!! They even mentioned the crowds are almost 2 miles long!!! That's insane!!! I would really hate to be in the middle of that crowd then have to go to the bathroom!! LOL

So to all my American friends out there in blogland, congratulations on this historical day for you!

Quiltingly Yours


Jessica said...

i vote for the "family reunion" BOM. good luck with it~

Shelly said...

My vote is for Hot Chocolate.

As an American I can say that today has been a very good day! Thank you for thinking of us.

Patchmaker said...

I vote for the Snowman Collector - I think it's because of the moose! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Your color combo in the DIC looks great. I particularly like the coffee colored background. Re BOM, my vote is for Snowman Collector.

Annmarie said...

Gosh Aggie - this is definitely a personal preference. I'd go with Snowman Collector causse you can clearly see the individual snowmen. Hot Chocolate would be runner up for the same reason. BUT the choice is yours - have fun!