Sunday, January 4, 2009

Free Motion Quilting Mad Woman

Had I known free motion quilting was this much fun I would have done it YEARS ago!!! I mentioned yesterday how I decided to tackle one of my projects on my list and teach myself free motion quilting, well I am HOOKED! It is far from perfect, and I am using invisible thread on the top to hide all my flaws, but I'm really liking how it is turning out! Here is a photo of how it looks o the back!

I am not ready to show the front yet as I still have to clean it up a bit. Since I am using tracing paper, there are still lots of teeny tiny little bits hanging around the stitches and just being stubborn. I am trying to clean them off the best way I can. So far I have heard from my quilting friends to use tweezers, the tacky tape lint rollers and to wash it. I hope that works. I managed to quilt 14 of these designs onto my quilt so far and I still have another 14 to go, as well as many half designs for the side pieces. After that I want to look for a design to put along the wide green border.

I have also decided to make this my project to complete in January. I signed up with the One Project a Month Challenge. You will see the "Tag Along Teddy" link further down along the side of my blog. Each month they challenge you to complete at least one of your projects that you wish to complete in the year. To motivate you to complete these monthly projects, you have the chance of winning prizes! Just go to their website and read more about it!

Another project I wanted to do throughout the year was to find a nice BOM online. I was reading one of my favourite blogs from fellow blogger Quilter Going Bananas and she found a nice BOM you can either stitch or applique. It is found here at:

This month's block is a snowman! I adore snowmen and I can't wait to pull my fabrics to start this little fella! I think I will applique him as I have been wanting to get back into applique again.

Well I best get back to my quilting again. This is my last day of the Christmas holidays before heading back to work in the morning and back to routine again. I want to make this a good productive day!

Quiltingly Yours


HalfSquareTriangles said...

Fabulous free motion quilting there!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Thanks!! I'm having alot of fun quilting this way!

I just have the borders left to do.

Susan In Texas said...

Your free motion quilting looks fabulous. I'm a stippling fool myself. And when I make a jerky line instead of a smooth curve (as I so often do) I just tell myself how MUCH better it will look after it's all washed and poofy. I use the cotton batting which shrinks about 5%, and it covers a multitude of sins. lol

Take care,