Monday, April 11, 2011

Bits and Bods

For the past 24 hours I have been nursing a migraine. I am on the other side of it now... otherwise I would NOT be looking at this bright computer screen!!! I spent much of last night and this morning lying in my bed in my dark tomb bedroom. Very rarely do I get physically sick with migraines. I might have done that twice in my life. Usually I get the flashing light on the side of my eye and the intense throbbing head pain, one of side of my face goes numb and I can actually say even my teeth hurt!!! I usually get 2-3 of these migraines a year. They don't come on by food or wine (although I have learned to stay away from Merlot wine for this reason). I can eat all the chocolate and cheese and coffee I want and not get a migraine. They just happen. I thank my Mum for inheriting her migraines. Mum and Trevor looked after Sweet William today while I nursed this migraine. It was such a nice and sunny day outside, and when I was up I had to wear sunglasses in the house as the light was waaaay too bright for my eyes. When I did get up to try a bit of lunch, I took my bagel and tea down to my sewing room where I kept all the lights off and closed the blind. It was just light enough down there for me to see what I was eating.

I am still a bit wonky and it usually takes me a couple days to get back to myself again, but I did feel I wanted to spend an hour or so in my sewing room tonight and feel a little bit productive. So, I managed to keep myself occupied and mind off the head by making all the rows for my green scrappy quilt. My goal is to at least finish the quilt top by month's end.

I also worked on this little embroidery darling that will be going into a little mug rug swap I am involved in. I did the embroidery work tonight while working on the green scrappy quilt rows. Tomorrow I will sew it into a mug rug.

Before the migraine started yesterday I was in the mood to try out a new cheesecake... So while Bambino was down for his morning nap I made this OMG yummy yummy Caramel Apple Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!

I loooooooove making cheesecakes!!!

Ohhh one more thing before before I head off to bed. Last week Mum shared with me this really funny news article she cut out of the newspaper for me. There is a small column in our local newspaper called "News of the Weird". Okay so before I get started and type it out, I just want to say I am glad to know there are others out there that are more crazy than I when it comes to making insane projects. Don't get me wrong there are many of us quilters out there that love to come up with crazy and insane quilting projects that require a TON of pieces of various sizes, shapes and colours. But I have to now say I don't feel so bad any more!!!

Okay, so here it goes.
"Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum is already home to an artist's rendition of da Vinci's "The Last Supper" made from burned toast, and now comes a version by Laura Bell of Roscommon, Mich.: da Vinci's masterpiece made with clothes-dryer lint. Bell said she did about 800 hours of laundry of various-coloured towels to obtain lint of the proper hues, and then worked 200 more hours to construct the 14-foot long, four-foot-high mural."

My question is this..... did she hand stitch all this lint down????? I also would hate to see her power bill for all that electricity she used up washing all those towels!!! LOL Something to ponder!!!

Quiltingly Yours


Carrie P. said...

Oh, migraines are rough. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Your green quilt is coming along.
That is the first thing I thought when you shared the "lint" story. Her power bill!

Anita said...

So sorry you've been feeling poorly, glad you're on the mend though. The cheesecake looks delish!

Julie Clement said...

Loving your embroideries Andrea, they look great - and so does your cheesecake! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE cheesecake! How about a swap - I'll give you my recipe for white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake for your caramel apple cheesecake?
Kiiw hugs!

Anonymous said...

Those migraines - they frequently occur in Calgary - where they get the chinook winds - major warmth change in weather in the dead of winter. was there a warm front going thru??