Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crumb Quilt Update

I am on a roll now with this quilt and I just want to get it completed!!! Last night I dug down into my scrap rubber maid container and found a bunch of fabrics I want to put into my binding. Since this is such a scrappy coloured quilt I want to make my binding multicoloured.

Here is the pile of fabrics I picked out.

The night was still young, so I got them pressed and cut out.

And not to end there, I decided to sew the pieces together. Tonight I will press the binding down properly and start sewing the binding onto the quilt.

ohh, btw, the other night (Sunday night) Mum and her good friend Theresa (who is also part of our Wednesday night sewing group) between the three of us we got all the remaining paper off the quilt!!!! Yippeeeee!!! That job would have taken me a few days of Baby nap times to get that paper off. We finished the paper removal in just under an hour!

Today, with the help of Mum who will be spending some Baby/Nana time with her little boy, I will play a bit of catch up on my housework including cleaning out my deep freeze. I need to take a little inventory of what I have and what I need to get. I want to start getting some casseroles made up and get my freezer set up for the Spring/Summer season. There are days during the summer when you just don't feel like cooking much and it is much easier to just take something out of the freezer and reheat something up. I'm also hoping to make a Taffy Apple Cheesecake at some point before the week end.!!!

So on that note, with breakfast finished and my tea almost gone, I am off to start some laundry. Fun day!!!! Sigh.. I would rather be sewing!!

Quiltingly Yours


Yvette said...

I look forward to seeing your binding. I love scrappy bindings!

I remember having to take paper off a quilt once. My fingers were numb by the time I was finished and I vowed to never make another. LOL!

Quilter Kathy said...

That's a lot of binding to do...looks like fun!