Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crumb Quilt QUILTED!!!

Wooooo hooooooooooo!!! The Quilting is FINALLY done!!! Now the fun job of removing lots and lots of paper!!!!

I decided since this is going to be a very dull and boring job, I will need to do it in short stages. So, saying that, I will work on it while William takes his morning/afternoon nap. These days he sleeps from 1-2 hours during this nap and then he is good til bedtime. That way, I can do it in stages and I won't feel like all I'm ever doing is removing paper!! LOL

I also decided since April is Purple for the Rainbow Stash Challenge, I will be taking this month as a semi month off. I have a few things I need to play some serious catch up on with some of my sewing projects. Not to mention William and I have at least 4 more birthday parties from our playgroup to attend this month as well as plan his own 1st birthday at the end of the month!!! I want to scrapbook his invitations. I also want to try and finish up another recipe binder. I started my pasta/rice/fish binder but didn't complete it.

But if time does permit, I did pull out a little Purple UFO I had stashed away for several years in my UFO cabinet. It was a Row by Row Robin I did back in the late 90s when I was living in Nova Scotia. I'm not a big fan of purples, so I will make this quilt up and donate it to the Iris Kirby House along with the other quilts I am making for this organization this year. By doing this I am making the effort to tackle a UFO as well as donating it to my charity organization. I will post a photo of these rows at another date. Right now they are still sitting all folded up nicely in a clear bag.

I will still be watching and participating a little on the sidelines this month. I will still be watching and getting inspired by all the rest of my Rainbow Stash Challenge blogging friends. I also still have to get quilting on the red month quilt, as well as, get the green quilt top together. So I definetely need to take this month to play a little catch up before starting up another Rainbow Stash quilt for next month.

Well I'm off to bed. William and I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow afternoon, and I also am seriously thinking of trying out a new cheesecake. Every now and then I get the craving to make a new cheesecake. I LOOOOVE making cheesecakes. I think the one I have my eye on this time is a Taffy Apple Cheesecake!!! mmmmmmmm

William has decided to claim poor Alexi's bed. I suppose if Alexi is not using it, its fair game!

Quiltingly Yours


Ellen said...

Sometimes you just have to play catch up. I took March as my semi-month off and only made 2 small projects even though I have tons of green scraps!

Lee D said...

congrats on getting this quilt finished. I need to get one of my UFO's finished too. I can't believe William will be one soon, where has the year gone. have a great sunday!

Quilter Kathy said...

What did you think of quilting on the paper? I have a couple of these and haven't used them yet.
Sounds like you have a very full month ahead!