Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just A Short Note

I will try and post more again tonight. I had a few more tests done (medically) this week so have been off my groove. When I'm not tired I am back in my sewing room working away on my Crumb Quilt. I am hoping by the end of the night to have the last two sides of the final border quilted!!! I will only have to remove the rest of the paper, take out the basting threads, then start the binding process. I'm sooooo excited!!!! This was a project I started a few years ago. I was never in any big hurry to finish it as I was still not living in the house I am in now but sharing a small condo with Trevor. Now that we have a much bigger house and I have more room to leave my projects out and about I am working more at getting this project from a UFO, to a WIP to a COMPLETE!!!! My goal for April is to have this quilt finished!

Anyway, again I just wanted to drop a little note here. I will post more again tonight along with some recent photos.

Quiltingly Yours

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Katherine said...

Hope those tests come back with good news, Andrea. Thinking of you and hoping you're feeling like yourself soon. Take care